Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What’s in a blogger’s mind….

Blogging has become a craze these days. Bloggers not only get to exhibit their talent may it be fashion, makeup, poetry or anything innovative but also generate awareness amongst all who read them. Blogging gives me and many more a pleasure to write and open my mind and thoughts to everyone whom I cannot reach physically. It's a virtual world where one can discuss and get opinions and make ready a platter of food for thought.


Blogging as I said opens my mind. I was inspired by bloggers like Temptalia and Blogdorfgoodman to write something of my own which I wasn't able to share with my friends in the entire world. Blogging made me more creative, more alert and more aware of the updated things happening all around the world and I could see them just sitting in front of my computer.

Blogging came naturally to me as I always had a writer in within who wanted to express himself in some or other way. Because of the habituation with computers if you go and write something in your book with a pen, after 5 mins you get a writer's block. The same thing happened to me and that's how I entered the blogging world. Since the day I decided to become a makeup artist after those unfruitful years of becoming a doctor, I have always done immense research over many cosmetic brands to find the right product that could suit my taste and suit my pocket. I have had so many friends on orkut, on facebook and everywhere even in reality who used to ask me for makeup tips and what products do I recommend them so that even they could look good. Markets being flooded with so many brands and so many happening things, blogging became an ambition more than a hobby. I sometimes can't sleep because I have to think of what am I going to write in my blog next.

"Beauty Traveller" was a name I decided for my blog keeping in mind the countless visits that I give to different cosmetic counters all over Mumbai. Mumbai being a fashion capital along with Delhi, its also a cosmetic capital with every new brand opening in Mumbai first. I have travelled in so many rickshaws and buses to get to these destinations and have scratched so many beauty advisors' minds that this name for my blog is very apt.


Most of the wonderful blog writers in the world of internet write about product updates and product descriptions so beautifully that they ignite a desire amongst consumers to go and buy those products. Cosmetic companies like MAC, Stila, Smashbox, Estee Lauder etc believe in bloggers more than their average sales people to generate sales and create awareness of their brands. These brands send their launches before advance to these bloggers so that they test them, review them and then these bloggers create the desire in their readers to buy these stuff. Some bloggers give honest opinions whereas others write what the company pays them for. This cannot be decided btw. All over US, bloggers contribute to 30% of MAC sales and this shows it all, what is blogging?

The fashion world isn't behind too. Bloggers are invited for launch parties, they bag the first row in many RTW fashion shows and are invited for countless parties, seminars and makeup trade shows. This is the impact of blogging.

Unfortunately this is still not a trend in India and people hesitate to write blogs seeing that their pockets do not allow them to buy all the stuff that bloggers write. Indian government would not understand trends like these because at the end of the day, these are foreign countries that are raking sales and earning profits. You cannot blame anyone and nobody can blame you.


You get the best of treatments, see the latest of product inventions and you are even paid for doing this. But is blogging becoming a job for many? Yes and no!! Celebrity blogger who has inflated and busted careers of so many Hollywood celebrities, PEREZ HILTON is rated amongst the richest people in LA. This is because celebrities are scared of him and the media is proud of him.

There is no exploitation in writing a blog until and unless it spoils someone else's life…………..

Bloggers see situations and target brands that are more on the premium and luxury side as the mass market brands already do good. There are unpaid bloggers who buy Revlon and Maybelline and write free reviews on them as they know what they afford and they know they have to share what makes them happy. Then there are bloggers who get the entire collection of MAC cosmetics just because they bray about how good MAC is…. This is a blind marketing and MAC pays them really well to do this. Anyways that MAC and these bloggers' look out of whatever they are doing.


Bloggers who get these samples and products from future launches have become cheap and downtrodden enough to sell them on online cosmetic sites and eBay. These bloggers in the desire to get some extra bucks backstab everyone they meet and that's what makes me feel sad.


I have to confess that till today I haven't been paid anything for writing review over any brand. Maybe that's the reason I don't write so much about MAC because even though I have trunks full of MAC stuff, all those are limited editions and I know you are never going to get them so why write about them. I love Clinique as I work for them and I love brands like Clarins, Dior, YSL, Max Factor and Shiseido which is why I write about them and recommend their products as they fantastic. If I were paid to write my blog I feel my honesty would be at a stake as I would be again doing e-marketing.

I know its become a sensitive topic now…………but at the end of everything, it is my blog http://www.beautytraveller.blogspot.com/ that gives me immense pleasure and passes my time.

Btw I do welcome writers to write in my blog and please feel free to apply as well..

Till then,


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