Saturday, January 30, 2010

A whisper of COLOR

Iridescence is what I see that gives our makeup a fairy tale like appearance. It's a whisper of color where everything is subtle yet beautiful. There are formulas in the market in eye shadows, blushes and lip glosses that are very sheer and add transparency to the face. There are formulas that float on the skin surface and give you that see through skin that looks so divine.

This is not in photography, this is real life and it can truly happen. As I have always been saying, investing in the right product. You have to decide whether you are into opaque or you are into translucent? The reason is when you do opaque makeup you add years to your face and look twice the age you are not. But with translucent or "sheer" formulas, there is an instant glow on the face that wipes our years instead of adding it. But one needs to exercise a degree of control in adding shimmers or else they would settle in the wrinkles and amplify them.

When I say shimmers I don't mean chunky glitters (which are rock chic) or frosted formulas that look like icing sugar on your face. I'm talking about mica particles that add radiance to your skin and I'm taking about the shimmers that are multidimensional and look different in different angles off light. They look the ones over a soap bubble or a butterfly's wing where the colors play a different game. Using some of these shimmers one can add an amazing depth into their face and the look ethereal aka fairy. In this post, I would show different ways to pair up these multidimensional shimmers and some products that you can buy from the market to add a different sort of enhancement on the face. Please do not forget that these shimmers demand a flawless canvas and if you don't have it strive hard to get it using the appropriate skin care as concealers do not have a crucial role in this look.

Let us see some products that solve the purpose: -

  • YSL Touché Éclat, the first concealer with shimmers that camouflages and brightens for a different sort of finish. After applying this concealer the under eye area or the highlights of the face glow and brighten up. Just like touché éclat, every company in the luxury section or the trying hard mass markets have got in certain products though they cannot meet up with the charm of the first one in that series. There is Dior SkinFlash, Lancôme Flash Retouche, Clinique Airbrush concealer, Clarins Instant Light Perfecting concealer, Elizabeth Arden has got some stuff and so does mass market brands like Max Factor and ColorBar. Everyone is getting inspired. The reason is the transparency this concealer gives to face on application. Skin not only looks radiant, it looks translucent and reflects light in all directions, making it look flawless.
  • MAC Prep n prime finishing powder or Shiseido Translucent powder are the third generation powders that are white in color and go virtually transparent on any skin color. I thought they would leave back a trail of a hideous white powdery cast but my thinking proved wrong after I used them on some of my clients. The finish is flawless and it looks as if nothing is there on the face even underneath. A good way to sport a nothing-is-on kind of a skin even after putting layers and layers of foundation under.
  • Max Factor second skin foundation that mimics a real skin that is better than what is underneath. A breathtakingly beautiful formulation that looks like a tinted moisturizer but gives a sheer to medium coverage and all imperfections just blur out.
  • YSL Teint Parfait foundation that radiates the same light their Touché Éclat would. Though I find it a little heavier and can turn grey on the skin. The other foundation in that category is Clarins True Radiance foundation that is oil free yet has shiny mica particles for a beautiful finish.
  • Dior has a collection called "NUDE" in which they have a skin hugging liquid foundation and loose powder foundation with some kind of mineral water properties. It gives a flawless veil of perfection on the skin and my skin never looked better with it.
  • You have certain eyeshadows from MAC under the group of luster that are power packed with shimmers but go so beautifully on the skin that they flatter any eye makeup. I like Honeylust, Aquadisiac and Tempting and the list is endless. MAC also makes certain shades in their Mineralized Eyeshadows that look so ethereal on the skin and apt for the perfect fairy tale moment. I love their latest one called Blue Sorcery having a sheer turquoise in the crescent shape with a moon of silver sparkle. Lancôme had once launched a collection called L.U.C.I but since it never appeared on the counter I don't have to comment about it. You'd also like some of the single eyeshadows in Clarins like Vibrant Violet that fit in this criterion of ethereal shimmer. This is a radiant two toned or how many toned god knows shimmery violet which appears blue and green at times.
  • Shiseido Hydro powder eyeshadows have their own place in the makeup world for having translucent and radiant creamy eyeshadows that dry into powders and do not crease at all if proper precautions are taken. Shiseido's latest launch is their uber-cool Luminizing Satin Eye color that gives a wonderful finish that is dreamy and ethereal. Its Shiseido's specialty to do vibrant colors that look subtle and sophisticated.
  • Talking about Shiseido is their Accentuating sticks aka cream to powder blushes that give a flushed effect and the innocent iridescence. Japanese know the art of playing with light and Shiseido is another example.
  • MAC cosmetics make Dazzleglass a hybrid between Chanel's Levre Scintillante and Lancôme's Juicy tubes gives that ultra power packed shimmer on the lips that is long lasting and amazing. MAC also makes Lip Gelee and have Plushglass lip glosses that give the same effect. Just a pinch of color with a glossy effect is what makes the iridescent look possible.
  • Are you looking for blushes that glow? We have Clinique Blushing Blush powder blush, MAC shimmertone blushes and mineralize skin finishes, Shiseido Accentuating Blush, YSL Blush palettes and so many more that are packed with shimmers that impart a subtle glow.

An irisdecent makeup not only adds a fairytale glow but also makes makeup go very modern. Don't miss the next article where I am going to tell you how to get that iridescent glow…………in A Whisper of Color Part 2

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