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5 ways to sport L.I.L.A.C

Lilac is getting a glamorous turn these days and Vogue magazine has declared Lilac as the color of the season. Goes so well with my thoughts as I thought in the same way Vogue did. Lilac has always been my color and wherever I can I liberally use Lilac on lips and on eyes. Infused with gold or silver or pink glitter, lilac is "the" color to sport from parties to natural looks.

Use translucent washes of Lilac for an innocent iridescent look that can be sported in the day while apply neon lilacs at night and set a trend. How versatile this color could be?

Btw Lilac is a light violet and not the same color that we see in the flower called Lilac. It beats Lavender in being bluer than the former which has more of violets and pinks in them. I like the lilac color in Periwinkle flowers which has again an eponymous color called periwinkle blue. So do not mistake lilacs to be a pink or a blue and sometimes the names kept by companies could be misleading like Luscious lilac lip gloss from Clinique which looks more on the side of a muted pink. I also don't like opaque lilac lipsticks that MAC has made as they can just look pasty and drain out the color of the face. You look as if you were poisoned or something. And one should never use a Lilac blush because I think no one makes it in the market because a lilac blush can make you look ill with cold. So please be careful while using lilac.


  1. Never use iridescent lilac eyeshadows as brow highlighters. They tend to look cheap and garish.
  2. Stay away from opaque lilacs except lilac eye liners. Alexander McQueen's collection had a fantastic Lilac paint pot base btw which was very good. But that all I liked.
  3. No lilac blushes or opaque whitish lilac lipsticks.


  1. Pair an iridescent lilac eyeshadow with an iridescent bright yellow eyeshadow and it's the ultimate wear for spring season. Give of wash of yellow eyeshadow (Luminizing Satin color eyeshadow from Shiseido) on the eye lids. Use a purple eyeshadow (MAC single eyeshadow in Fig1 or Clinique Color Surge soft shimmer eyeshadow in Black Orchid) on the outer corners and in the outer crease after tracing a matte purple eye liner (Clarins waterproof liner) near lash line. Apply a lovely lilac color (Clarins Vibrant Violet) in the crease and blend it towards the brow bone. Highlight with a shimmery neutral cream highlighter (Stila single eyeshadow in Kitten or MAC Nylon or Phloof!). Coat the lashes with a plum colored mascara like YSL Faux Cils mascara. Use a neutral golden beige shimmer on the cheeks (MAC iridescent powder in Belightful) and a nude lip gloss like Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Lip gloss in Grapefruit.
  2. Keep the whole makeup neutral with a soft brown eyeshadow (Clarins Single eyeshadow in Blazing Brown) in the crease and a light taupe (LancĂ´me color focus eyeshadow in Platinum Brown) over the lids and brow bone. Coat the lashes with black mascara and line the upper lids with a black pencil liner. Dust frosted taupe golden shimmer on the cheeks (MAC powder blush in Honor or Christian Dior Amber diamond). On the lips apply a lilac shimmery lipstick (Clarins Joli Rouge) and then slick on some lip gloss like (Clinique superbalm moisturizing lipgloss)
  3. Trace a black pencil over the lid and blend with a smudge brush over the half of the lid area. Dust a shimmery lilac eyeshadow (MAC Parfait amour) over the liner for a duo toned effect. Line the eyes with MAC fluidline in Blitz & Glitz. And apply volumizing mascara (Max Factor False Lash effect mascara). Use a soft iridescent pink blush like MAC Gentle and a soft lilac lipgloss like Clinique Superbalm in Lilac.
  4. Draw bold lilac line over the upper lash line using a pencil eyeliner like the one from Revlon's matte collection or go with a duo chrome lilac pencil using Bourjois Duo chrome eye pencils to add a pop to your makeup.
  5. Use a combination of lilac on the lids, orange in the crease, burgundy in the outer corners and attach some false lashes for drama. Pair with a bright orange blush and bright orange lipstick and see the contrasts. It's a dramatic look but can be toned down as needed.

Celebrate the lilac color and add this fun color to your makeup wardrobe.

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  1. This eye shadow lilac is new to me.I really did not know before that how to use it.Thanks for mentioning about its dos and donts.


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