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Lilac again

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I always wanted to make lilac really glamorous and found a way to do so by coupling lilac with dark colors. This again gives a halo of color on the eyes and looks amazingly glamorous in the evenings. This is a very experimental look and every girl should do it in the way they feel the best. Here's my way……

What we need: -(new way of unfolding the look so that no one forgets what they are using.)

Suggested products and the look: -


  • Clarins Instant smooth perfect touch primer
  • Givenchy Photo'perfexion foundation
  • Clarins Instant light perfect touch concealer
  • MAC mineralize skin finish powder or Clinique Perfectly Real compact makeup
  • The Body shop foundation brush
  • Shiseido Large powder brush
  • Estee Lauder concealer brush

Over a well exfoliated and moisturized face, use a face primer for the foundation to go better and stay longer and shine free. Dot on foundation with fingers and blend it with a foundation brush over the needed areas only. Dab on the area so that the heat of the fingers melts the foundation in the skin. Dot on concealer in the under eye area and in the inner corners of the eyes where it's the most dark using a concealer brush to dab and blend. Then push the concealer using fingers. Dust mineralize skin finish or perfectly real compact makeup to set the foundation and concealer and to keep the skin looking matte yet lustrous. I like the former one for that. Dust a bit of extra powder in the eye area as a guard to catch eyeshadow fall outs.

Tip: - dot the concealer in the inner corners of the eyes to brighten up the face.


  • MAC Paint pot in Bare Study
  • MAC eyeshadow in Embark, Carbon, Parfait Amour, Nylon and Stars n Rockets
    You could certain pigments from MAC if you own them for better results
  • Clinique Quick liner for eyes in Really black
  • Shiseido Eye lash curler
  • Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara
  • Clinique Super fine liner for brows in Deep Brown
  • MAC Brow gel
  • Duplicates using MAC pigments like Kitschmas and Softwash grey (a dirty grey lilac)
  • Shiseido small eyeshadow brush
  • MAC no.222 brush, 252 brush, 217 brush and 219 pencil brush
  • Brushes of your choice if you like.Nothing hard and fast to stick with MAC brushes.I also like Shiseido eyeshadow brushes M and S as they are very good at blending.

Use Bare study as a primer for the eyeshadow to stick on. Spread the eyeshadow base quickly before it dries for a smooth canvas. Trace a pencil liner over the upper lash line and the inner rims of the lower lid and using a small dome shaped brush to blend the color in the lash line. Now according to the eye shape blend Embark in the creases using a crease brush. Blend the shadow towards the brow bone drawing an inverted banana for a subtly defined crease. Apply Carbon, a matte black in the inner corners of the eyes blending it in the crease and then the outer corner. Please do these as per the eye shape as it can make small eyes very small and beady but basic or bigger eyes look more glamorous and use a pencil brush to apply color. This can also be done by applying matte black all over the eyes and then wiping out the center part of the lid using an eye makeup remover. But the latter process could shift the eyeshadow base. With a flat small eyeshadow brush tap and flick Parfait Amour eyeshadow over the bulge of the eyeball. Over this dab on a duo chrome eyeshadow Stars n rockets, also applying some in the inner corners. On the lower lid do the same, with matte black in the outer and inner corners and then Parfait amour over the middle third. Apply two coats of False Lash Effect mascara. Groom the brows by filling in the gaps with a superfine liner and set the brows with a transparent brow gel. Highlight the brow bone with Nylon using a fluffy eyeshadow brush.


  • Clinique Blushing blush in Smoldering Plum and Iced lotus
  • Shiseido Blush brush
  • Shiseido Accentuating stick in S3 Glistening flush

Dust Smoldering Plum on the cheek bones and Iced lotus over the heights of the cheeks using a soft blush brush. Apply the brush two fingers away from the sides of the nose and blend the blush upwards towards the temples but subtly. Using accentuating stick to highlight the areas of the face where light naturally hits.


  • Clinique Quick liner for lips in Raspberry
  • Clinique long last lipstick in Violet Berry
  • Clinique Superbalm moisturizing lipgloss in Lilac

Line the lips with a lip liner and fill the lips with the same. Keep the lip liner within the natural line of the lip to keep the lip liner untraceable. Lip liner also acts like a lipstick base due to a blend of waxes and pigments in them. Dab on lipstick with fingers to push in the pigment in the lips. Apply Superbalm in Lilac in the centre of the lips to give it an additional pout.

Hope you do this look and like it. Let me know…

Till then,


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  1. For some reason I love lilac lipsticks and glosses but I have to mix them with warm toned colors to make it wok for me !


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