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A magic trick for everyone….CONCEALING

(JLo please dont feel bad and sue me....its a request....we love you even without makeup because we believe in inner beauty and you dont have to wear a mask of makeup to reveal it....please...i'm still a die-hard fan)

Magic tricks are done by magicians…….this was something we were taught in our childhoods. But in day to day lives our moms create magic in the kitchen, bosses do those blink n miss magic tricks in the offices and we end up doing magic on our faces with makeup. So much of magic seen everywhere!! Btw why am I talking about magic? Let me talk about a magic trick I am going to share with all today.

This magic trick is called CONCEALING. Someone famously said, "Beauty is about concealing the nooks and flaws in the skin and revealing the best features." We are going to see the first part of the clause which is "Beauty is concealing the nooks and flaws." This is not another article on concealers but a tender loving way of applying them.

Concealers have been a boon to the industry just like Lata Mangeshkar and Sachin Tendulkar. Without concealers I wonder how Madhuri Dixit would have looked on screen and how would Rani Mukherjee sport those glamorous looks? Concealers have faithfully served the industry since the time industry started and have still continued to do the same.

In this article I talk about concealers as the best devices one could have to sport a flawless skin and concealers that with technological advancement can take beautiful skin to another level thanks to some epoch making ones that are emerging in the market. Well to the ones who thought concealers were just other cosmetics that were heavier than a foundation, let me tell them that concealers are as effective as weapons in the trying times called flawless beauty. Concealers have done wonders in the most horrible skins and have saved many people from such fashion calamities, those ladies and some men swear by them 24x7. Today we talk about concealers that do wonders to the skin and I am going to show the way to get a beautiful skin without too much product overloading. This is about applying and sometimes layering the concealers to get the desired effect.

These are some of the tried and tested and maybe called newer ways of applying concealer. In this article I feature some of the state of the art concealers like;
  • Benefit Boing Industrial Strength concealer
  • Clinique all about eyes concealer
  • Clinique Air Brush concealer
  • YSL Touché Éclat
  • Estee Lauder Resilience concealer
  • Clarins Instant Light Perfect Touch concealer
  • MAC Select Cover up concealer
  • Christian Dior Long wearing hydrating concealer
  • Elizabeth Arden Ceramide concealer

The concealers that I have mentioned are some of the best players in the beauty market and I have seen women purchasing them again and again and this shows how loyal they are to the brand. Some more on the way would be the famous ones from Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, Cle De Peau etc but since I haven't used them it is wrong on my part to talk about them.

Let us start by knowing the sites on the face where concealers are needed to apply. We begin with the commonest culprit, the under eye area. The under eye blueness is multi factorial from being hereditary, inadequate sleep, bad eating habits to stress which is the commonest factor seen amongst every 2nd woman in the country. Since the under eye area is very thin and fragile, the blue veins from underneath are visible and that's how it looks a little darker than the rest of the face. Wrinkles develop soon and the real age starts showing itself from the under eye area. Other areas are generally pigmentation patches, acne marks, and random scars on the face that can be anywhere. Another common place that needs a little bit of concealing is the side of the nose or nostril per se. The sides of the nostrils are always flaky with open pores and red all the time. It is also the area where dead cells tend to gather and that's the reason for flakiness. The redness in this area is contributed by the extensive blood circulation and arterial crowding in that area. On camera, if not concealed the base looks uneven and bad and that's the reason one must use a concealer here to hide the blotchiness and pores. Concealers are good enough to conceal pores without clogging them on any area of the face. Concealers can also be used on the sides of the mouth to banish any unevenness and sometimes to modify the lip shape. Concealers can also
be used as bases for eyeshadows thanks to the silicones present in them and this enables the eyeshadows to last longer and become crease proof. Just a synopsis to add into all this what I have talked is that concealers are needed in the following areas: -
  • Under eye area and sometimes the eye lids
  • Sides of the nostrils
  • Around the lips
  • On any scar, zit, acne mark or pigmentation

Btw the scope of the article is just to learn to conceal the basic flaws of the face and reveal a wonderfully healthy complexion. And let's see how this can be done…….

To start with a smooth canvas, it is better to prep the skin with the most wonderful skin products one can. This includes cleansing, clarifying or toning and moisturizing the skin just as a basic regimen. An occasional exfoliation three times a week helps skin become lustrous and smooth so the products that we apply glide smoother and better. Using an under eye cream makes a wonderful base for the concealer to glide better, stay put longer and hardly crease or look chalky. This is what we are going to do to prep skin before applying the products.

Applying a thick layer of concealer is a passé these days. Instead layer the concealer as per needed even though the formula that is being used is really thick and pasty. Thicker is the concealer formula that should be used to hide deeper and darker under eye circles. Well, we prep the under eye area massaging an under eye cream in dabbing motions gently. This intensely moisturizes the under eye area so that the concealer sits better. I like to use liquid concealers which are opaque enough to give coverage but liquid enough to blend in the skin. I love to begin my work with Clinique all about eyes concealer. When working in the under eye area I apply 3 dots first beginning from the inner corner towards the outer corner. Then I love to use Estee Lauder's concealer brush to pat and work the concealer into skin. You can also use fingers but I prefer brush to smoothen the concealer first. I also apply concealer on the lower lid, inner corners of the eyes and outer corners of the nose to see that no area is left un-concealed. Then with the warmth of my fingers I push in the concealer so that it goes in better and looks flawless. You can choose a yellow undertones concealer so that it hides the bluishness in the under eye area better but always set it with a pink toned powder to create that perfect salmon color which actually contrasts with the blue. With the first layer of concealer on, I use a good coat of foundation all over the face and this gives me a chance to deliberate the actual amount of concealer I need so that nothing is overdone. I specially take care to apply a lighter shade of concealer in the inner corners of the eyelids to highlight them naturally where I use Touche Eclat

My concealer choices are a little deviated from others. I prefer a dark concealer over a very dark under eye and I have a scientific explanation for this. When deep under eye circles (BLACK) is concealed with a light under eye concealer (WHITE), it turns chalky (GREY). Instead if we build the under eye area by cutting the dark with a little less darker shade and then gradually getting it lighter and lighter, it looks more natural instead of looking grey. That's why after applying an appropriate shade of All About eyes concealer I highlight the eye area with YSL Touché éclat so that the job is done better.

Well this is a trick for girls who are running late and have just a minute to apply a concealer. Take a heavy duty concealer like Benefit's Boing concealer available on for Indians who cannot purchase Benefit makeup, dip your ring finger into an eye cream and just take some of this industrial strength concealer and dab it quickly and gently in the under eye area. Moisture + Heavy duty concealer will show wonders within seconds. Btw I learnt this trick while doing a photoshoot where the model's under eye area was on the verge of looking like a raccoon. Quickly seal this effect with a foundation powder like Clinique's Perfectly Real compact makeup and your concealer would never move.

Another step is to apply the same concealer or maybe the same finger just across the sides of the nose and get your skin looking better without blotchiness.

Just to add on a little bit.Dont discard the wands of your old lipglosses, recycle them by using them as tools to apply concealer.Something I newly learnt from my fabulous regional training manager from Clinique.

These are some latest additions and tricks that I have mastered since a few months and felt like sharing it with my beautiful readers. Hope you like it and please don't forget to try and test it.

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  1. I probably am sounding like a broken record - but prices wld really help.

    Most of these products are really expensive and it wld help us make a choice amongst the lesser devil of the lot. :D

  2. yep. Even I realised the beauty of concealing. I have acne scars and suffer from frequent red patches .Recently I discovered some teatree stick(green on one half and skin color on second) in my junk , used it and em gaga over the results. After that I just need a veil of powder and em done :))
    Btw did you try the new gel liners by Oriflame ? just ordered them .. lets see if they deliver what they promises :D


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