Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Makeup Planner

Source: - Trish McEvoy Makeup Planning system...

This and a few more upcoming posts would be on what to buy and what not to buy from some Department store and drug store brands. Every brand has everything under the sun to offer but it does not mean that we have to buy everything from a particular brand. This is a makeup planner that tells you what to buy and what the brand specializes in.

Btw these are my personal opinions and are not said under anyone's influence. It might differ from what you think but kindly pardon me for this. I would talk only about the most amazing things brands have to offer so let's see how this stint goes.

Some brands that we are going to discuss in this makeup planner section are: -
  1. Lancôme
  2. Clinique
  3. MAC
  4. Shiseido
  5. Clarins
  6. YSL
  7. Christian Dior
  8. Givenchy
  9. Guerlain
  10. Elizabeth Arden
  11. Estee Lauder
  12. Max Factor
Etc. and also some international brands like Stila, Smashbox and Bobbi Brown.
Also I shall tell the 5 best products each brand stated above has to offer and something that is a must to try….
So do keep reading….



  1. Lol...they luk like a family!

    I cant wait for the recommendations :)

  2. Really looking forward to the MAC post!

    I have been saving up to get some stuff frm them :D


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