Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Makeup Planner…….Lancôme

Lancôme is synonymous with luxurious way of using cosmetics and with Aaron De Mey as their artistic director makes things even better. I've always adored Lancôme for some of their cutting edge products and here are my 5 cult favorites from Lancôme.

1.Foundation: -

I love their Teint Idole and Color Ideal foundations as they impart a flawless and long lasting finish that's everyone's dream.

The Color Ideal foundation adjusts and gives the most natural skin anyone could get. Sunscreens in the foundation render extra sun protection making the foundation a necessity in tropical climates like India. it's a true skin perfecting foundation. They have oils that do different functions like play time oil à makes the foundation glide on effortlessly and add extreme fluidity, Buildable oil à adjusts coverage and Soft touch oil à evaporates leaving color along with classic opaque pigments that gives a translucent coverage. The optical pearly particles make the foundation look dreamy. Color Ideal comes in skin loving colors and goes immaculately on skin making it one of the best foundations in the market.

The Teint Idole foundation is for ladies who want a long lasting, natural looking coverage that does not need touch ups. It stays fresh for 14 hrs at a stretch. Teint Idole has a soft texture that leaves the skin smooth and silky without "Mask" effect and the highly stable ColorKeeper TM pigments and soft liquid powders gives a beautiful coverage. These foundations are not only good for their coverage and longevity but also good for professional makeup artists who want a natural looking result on their models.
2. Eyeshadows: -

I may not be a big fan of Lancôme Mascaras that are ridiculously clumpy, difficult to remove, under eye area staining, overtly priced and self proclaimed best selling mascaras but I love their eyeshadows admitting this from the bottom of my heart. Their Ombre Absolue palette holds 4 divine shades that promise a smoothing long lasting hold giving one a variety of eye make ups to don on.

So are their Color Design Single eyeshadows that come in the most fabulous metallics, rainbow colors and the most sensational hues one can ever imagine. One could never miss out on Sentimental Blue and Black Strass which are the best colors Lancôme could make and so are many more worth checking out.
3.Lipsticks: -

Lancôme has the repertoire to make one of the best lipsticks in the luxury market only comparable to Chanel. Their L'Absolu Rouge, a reincarnation or AVATAR of their famous L'Rouge Absolu is the lipstick every woman should own. From the sleek packaging and magnetic closure, this award winning lipstick absolutely voluptuous, young looking moisturized lips. The credit goes to Pro-xylane an anti ageing product put first time in a lipstick is known for its ability to assist collagen production. Another collagen booster for the lips. L'Absolu Rouge locks in moisture on lips for 8 hrs and gives a supple and soft feel on application, thus replumping, reshaping and redefining the lips. The ceramides in the lipstick help in reinforcing the lip barrier function and due to the "high fidelity" pigments in the lipstick, the color on the lips is highly faithful to the chosen lipstick color.
4. Juicy tubes lipglosses: -

coming in a variety of editions, the Juicy tubes lipglosses from Lancôme are to die for. They are extremely shiny, give fantastic coverage and stay put for hours and hours. Also has Lancôme put in organic fruits and plant extracts to enhance the usage of these glosses and they can be seen and sported by most of the eminent makeup artists in the industry. Lancôme has managed to make a lipgloss that is drool worthy enough for one and all.
5.Brushes: -

Lancôme has always produced some of the piece de resistance brushes that are very affordable and user friendly. They catch the product better and are super soft and come in a very luxurious packaging. I have spent on all of their limited edition bronzer brushes and this has made me a proud owner.

So these are what I feel the best 5 products one can buy at Lancôme without second thoughts. They have a lot of other products to but these are the ones that make Lancôme a recognizable brand.

Coming soon are the best 5 products from Shiseido so keep reading,

Till then,


Pics source: - and Sephora


  1. Price details, please :) Is the first product Rs.2700?

    The brush looks uber chic :)

  2. Hey, Can you also please share the cost? Tht wld really help. :)

  3. Hi,

    I would also like to request for the pricing details of these



  4. Lancome is a great brand .. but so out of budget. But as they say You get what you pay. I should start saving up :D


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