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The Makeup Planner…….Shiseido

Japan has been in the cosmetic industry since it started as Japanese women always found out newer ways to enhance their looks. With the advancement of the electronics industry in Japan, beauty didn't lack behind. Shiseido, a dream of Mr.Furukawa was started in the 19th century to cater the ever growing beauty greed of women in Japan and till today we can see the fruits of that dream. A skin care company per se, Shiseido also makes high quality luxurious makeup products that are user friendly and come in the utmost beautiful colors and packaging. Their artistic director, Dick Page has never failed to impress us by creating some of the most sought after magical products at Shiseido that has left the world mesmerized.

It's a little difficult to talk about just 5 products that I immensely love from Shiseido, so after mentioning the best five I am going to write a small list of their other makeup products that I truly love.

The Advanced Hydro liquid compact

I have always preferred Shiseido foundations to create that perfect base bcause the colors just hug our Asian and Indian skins. They have also incorporated nano technology in making these foundations that give the most coveted "natural" finish to the face and are truly fail safe. I am their forever customer for Dual Balancing Foundation 1750 INR but what blew me away is their Advanced Hydroliquid Compact foundation. Its called "Advanced" because they had a just Hydroliquid Compact and this is an advanced version of that. When we talk about finishes or the result of the foundation on the face after it sets we talk about matte, dewy etc. But here the finish is "lustrous". I have never seen such a dreamy texture that glides so smoothly on the skin and the 3D powders that they have incorporated work to give a wonderfully lustrous complexion. I don't recommend this foundation for very oily skins but it's a good one for dry to normal to combination-oily skins, the latter needing a dust of their Translucent loose powder INR 1900. Well to sum up, it's a creamy moisturizing foundation that provides medium to full coverage with exclusive prismatic technology that creates a lustrous dewy finish that lasts all day long. Shiseido sells their Advanced Hydroliquid compact foundation in India for 1400 INR and the foundation case for 600 INR
Hydro powder eyeshadow

Intense and lustrous, this dewy cream eyeshadow transforms into powder that creates a glaze of brilliant shimmery color and a very dreamy effect on the eyes. It is crease resistant and long wearing and comes in an array of rainbow colors from pristine purples to pure pinks and all. You can also use these eyeshadows to highlight the contours of the face and their light reflecting pigments give a glazed sugary finish on the face. The best color I have ever liked from Hydro powder eyeshadow are Languid Lagoon, Clover Dew and Lemon sugar. They are available at 1550 INR.
Accentuating stick: - I have been talking about this stick blusher for ages even before I started writing my blog. The unique texture of this product enables it to give the rosiest complexion ever seen. It's a very unique product Shiseido makes and is comparable only to NARS The Multiple and I found out that NARS is a Shiseido company……….they have patented it, it seems. I am a proud owner of all the 6 colors (one specially sold on request aka pleading by their training manager) from Bronze, Peach, Glistening, Rouge, Rose to Champagne. This multipurpose stick highlights and accentuates eyes, cheeks and lips and spreads smoothly adhering well to the skin and maintains a lustrous crease free finish. Contains 3D powder that gives natural depth and highlights to facial contours. Accentuating stick sells for 1900 INR but worth long time.
NEW Luminizing Satin Face Color

Their newest launch of blushers and face highlighters that Dick Page has proudly given to the world. I cant resist these colors as they have the most skin flattering shades I have ever seen in any brand including MAC. This is an all day lasting color for cheeks that gives a silky smooth finish. A multidimensional product that I will love forever. Japanese make these ultra fine powders which are their unique style and this is just another result of that. I am raving over Tearose and Carnation and waiting for their launch. Since the product is not launched yet I cannot mention the price.

Shiseido makes the softest and most beautiful brushes one can see in the market. Each brush of theirs looks like an art piece and feels like blowing air softly on skin. Their blush brush made up of blue squirrel hair is so soft that it feels like a breeze on the cheeks on blush application. It sells for 1850 INR. I also recommend their small eyeshadow brush, a very versatile brush for eyeshadow application 950 INR and concealer brush that applies concealer flawlessly, 1100 INR.

Other products that I covet from Shiseido are: -
  1. Perfect Rouge lipstick 1250 INR
  2. Luminizing Satin color for eyes 1550 INR
  3. Luminizing Powder Trio 1200 INR for refills
  4. Perfect Mascara 1450 INR
  5. Eyelash curler 1000 INR
  6. Luminizing Satin lip color and lip gloss (not launched)
  7. Translucent loose powder 1900 INR
  8. Multishade Enhancer 2100 INR (refill+case) which I love like anything but its an old product

Try them before you buy them….
Till then,

Disclaimer: - I do not endorse Shiseido and neither has Shiseido paid me write this article. These are purely my personal opinions about this fantastic brand and no one has influenced me to write about it. The prices mentioned above are not exact and may subject to change without prior notifications so please don't blame me if you hear different ones while you purchase. This article is purely to give you an insight of the all the best products Shiseido has to offer and I hope everyone appreciates the same. Please do not blame me for writing and raving so much about these costly makeup products. It is purely for reading and you don't have to buy everything I write about. It is a reader's discretion.


  1. hey! Thks a lot for the prices! Really liked the accentuating stick.. might get it :D

  2. I like the blush stick to pieces! I always wanted their lip treatment, but it was 1300 bucks way back! I wish I could afford one in my life!

    The worst part any blogger cud have is write the disclaimer! God, why does anybody have to disclose things to ppl who mean nothing to us? Everybody is entitled to their own opinions! But, thats how things are today :(

    Thanq very much for the mention, Dr. Neeraj! So kind of you! Proud to hear those words from a makeup artist! There are way many blogs to check out, in fact! Stunning and damn informative, I can say!

  3. Hi,

    visited your blog for the first time and liked the product too .I would like to try accentuating stick..It looks superb but its expensive too..but i still will love to buy it:D

  4. Get yourself a make up planner before going doing that experiments on yourself. A professional help is necessary to get the right make up.


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