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Oily Dilemmas Part 2

This is the second part of one of my posts OILY DILEMMAS and maybe its happening for the first time. In oily dilemmas I had discussed about ways to combat oil in oily skins and this is an extension of that article. Oily skin is characterized by shine and sometime grease due to excess oil by the skin. Its prominent in the bony areas of the face like the nose and forehead and less prominent on the fleshy areas of the face like cheeks. Though this is a very common presentation, oiliness can be anywhere on the face, even in the under eye area.

Summers are in and oil is out… oil would be erupting on your skin like lava and clogged pores, whiteheads, blackheads, acne, acne scars etc. follow. So here we are to target two spots due to which our skin becomes very oily. The first is to control the overactive sebaceous glands and the second is to tighten the pores. Skin becomes oily due to various reasons right from genetics and inheritance to environmental aggression. When the skin's moisture is stripped off (due to using harsh astringents and mattifying products) our skin goes into a panic mode. This panic mode is activated when skin feels that its losing water drastically (especially on the face where gravity acts the most). So signals are sent to the sebaceous glands as well as sweat glands to produce sebum and sweat respectively so that the oil-water balance is maintained in the skin. And this is how we end up looking oilier if we just wash our face with a foaming cleanser. This is my idea though and I would like to know yours. In this entire process the sufferer is our beautiful skin and its important to maintain a "balance."

Just moisturizing the skin is not enough. There should be regular exfoliation done too. Our sebum or oil on the skin acts like a glue. Our shed dead cells, environmental aggressors, pollutants, dust and what not sticks to our face and there's where the problem aggravates. These form a plug over the pores, clog them and the vicious cycle of acne starts. Btw hormonal imbalances in the body do not cause acne directly. They just stimulate the sebaceous glands and alter the pH of the skin and then the acne war commences.

So the key to have an oil free skin is to target three areas:-
  1. Control oil production
  2. Control pore size
  3. Control shine

I have visited certain brands in the department stores that promise me to fulfill one or more of the criteria mentioned above. ( I would separately review these products and mention the prices. If I do all that here my post would go really lengthy.)

  • Estee Lauder Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher, is a serum that strengthens the pore walls. With immediate use the pores look concealed and tamed and with prolonged use, the pores size looks smaller and better. This is the best way to bid adieu to orange peel skin. I use it after cleansing and exfoliating and then follow with a moisturizer and sunscreen.

  • Clinique Clarifying Lotions, are a boon to the society. Coming in various strengths, no.3 and 4 are for oilier skins clarifying lotions are the "it" thing to help your skin look radiant. Forget the alcohol content if you can tolerate it, coz I never found them that harsh even on my uber-sensitive skin. Clarifying lotion sweeps away surface dead cells, unclogs blocked pores, refines skin texture, improves skin's cellular turnover, smoothens the skin surface, kills acne bacteria (with their Anti-blemish Solutions Clarifying lotion) and controls oil production. With a sustained use of this amazing product your skin would look better and better as the days pass.

  • Clinique Moisture Sheer tint SPF 15 is a tinted moisturizer that is a blessing from god. It's a makeup and skin care products in one. This oil free formulation evens out the skin, keeps it shine free and hydrates so that our face looks glowing instead of being a butter paper.

  • YSL Matt Touch primer. Makeup primers are a sensation in the market currently and isn't it good to have a makeup primer that keeps your skin shine free yet radiant. This primer worn under foundation or alone over a moisturizer keeps the skin's oil at bay and the foundation if used lasts longer. You can also try Clinique's Pore Minimizer Refining Serum and Instant Perfector, Shiseido Men's range shine control (for men), Clarins Instant Smooth Perfect Touch makeup primer and Estee Lauder Under makeup base as some of the products in this category.

  • Clinique also makes oil free sunscreens that do not look greasy on the skin and are lightweight enough yet strong to protect our skin from UVB/A damages and let the skin behave normally. I swear by their Super City Block SPF 40 as it is safe for the eye area as well.
  • When it comes to scrubs I prefer the milder ones and something that does not hurt the skin. Clinique's Turnaround Instant Facial, Exfoliating Scrub, Shiseido Men Daily Exfoliator and Clarins white plus exfoliating scrub do wonders. I love all of them. Elizabeth Arden Intervene 3 in 1 cleanser, cleanses, exfoliates and primes your skin at the same time. What a beautiful to get your skin right by just one product.
  • Clinique also makes serums that exfoliate and though not mentioned in their use, yet they alter the pore size and also keep them unclogged. The best one is the Even Better skin tone corrector.
Btw while using these products its better to follow the entire skin care regimen as these products work in conjunction with them. These products do not work on their own but enhance the process of getting a wonderful skin. And try before you buy. Soon I would be updating on where can you find brands and the stores that sell them in India, especially Mumbai.

Online you can buy it on where they have amazing offers all the time, with a big collection of products and also they ship for free in any part of the world.

Oily skin is a boon and a bane at the same time. You have to choose what is for you………..

Till then,


PS: - please don't feel that this article has ended abruptly. I am going to review on most of the mentioned products separately. Ciao ciao…..

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