Thursday, March 4, 2010

The perfect foundation for a perfect picture

I have always looked for a foundation that looks natural and not heavy in real life as well as photographs. And my search ended at the Givenchy counter with their new innovation, Photo'perfexion foundation (PP). This is a foundation specifically designed to make one look natural and yet beautiful everywhere. Here's my review about the foundation.

Photo'perfexion is a sheer to medium coverage foundation that goes very smoothly on the face and makes the skin look lustrous. Its comes in sleek frosted glass bottle in 25 ml size (rather than the regular 30 ml) with a shiny black cap. Over the top of the black lid is imprinted the famous Givenchy logo in duo toned Black and orange. This bottle itself looks very fashion forward and modern and shall make the makeup table looking very classy. This comes in a black packaging too. The bottle is really heavy and does not break even if it falls. I know this coz mine fell off from my hand on the opening the packing itself.

The formula is liquid but does not run quickly over the hand. Its not air whipped or something in texture, but is soft maybe to the addition of cellulose in it. I liked the slip of the foundation because its something I haven't seen till I saw Max Factor second skin foundation. It blends on really well and I took the 06 color for my skin. The only con in the foundation is selection of the colors as they don't have many for Indian skins. But I also recommend 07 and 08 for darker Indian skins though not for the darkest.

I used the foundation on my face and one layer itself blurred many imperfections on my face. Plus even after having SPF 20 in it, the formula is very light weight and sheer and does not feel heavy on the skin. Its somewhere between matte and dewy texture so it is important to use a little bit of powder to combat shine. The PP foundation is long wearing and stayed fresh throughout the day even in a hot and humid day in the so called winter in Mumbai. My face looked fresh even at the end of the day.

I tried this foundation over my mother who is as fair as I am in the Indian way but suffers from a little unevenness in the skin with pigmentation due to sun damage. After using the Clinique Even Better Skin Tone Corrector and Dermawhite range from Clinique her pigmentation is lightened but can look obvious. So I dotted some Photoperfexion on her face and blended with fingers and then foundation brush. Two layers were enough to make her looking fresh and natural and not a trace of foundation was visible on her face.

PP did not clog our pores or look heavy on our faces and it rarely happens with a foundation like this. One should remember to use a little bit of loose powder dusting on the face to set the foundation though. Btw I strongly recommend this foundation to all foundation fanatics who want a natural look. Do try it out and let me know.
Btw lets see what Givenchy has to say about the foundation: -
"Introducing the first Givenchy foundation inspired by digital imagery, a foundation that recreates the perfect skin quality obtained with digital touchups but without freezing the features!
Irregularities, imperfections and fine lines disappear, as if by magic. The complexion becomes beautifully even, full of vitality, vibrantly radiant. So what's the secret? Givenchy's touch-up complexes captured in new generation, wonderfully sheer texture.
Skin perfector complex combines soothing, moisturizing and plumping agents to smooth skin's texture and leave skin fresh and plump:
The Lighting complex combines botanical agents with optical brighteners – true light diffusers that reveal the complexion's original radiance.
The incredibly soft texture brings together non oily silicones and polymers for a whole variety of delicious sensations. Upon application the texture glides lightly over the face, leaving a sheer yet very long lasting finish that both comforts and protects. The GIVENCHY plus: - a subtle pleasurable scent of white flowers that is synonymous with elegance."

Love ya Givenchy……..and Love ya Nicholas DeGennes, the artistic director of Givenchy and the mastermind behind the foundation....

To remind you all that the foundation sells in India for Rs.2200 at a pricey tag but its worth investing when compared to the results it gives.
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