Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sigma Brushes Haul

I had an opportunity to grab my own set of Sigma makeup brushes and I am so excited to share it with you all. Sigma makes brushes that are equivalent to MAC brushes in quality but a way lot cheaper than MAC. I wont say that they have duplicated MAC brushes because even though each brush of theirs has a corresponding name that of Mac brushes they are different when it comes to size and shape.
I got their Professional Makeup brushes complete set of 12 brushes without the brush roll and never had I seen such beautiful brushes in my life. Let me not rant so much about them and post a picture of the brushes that I have got. For any further enquiries contact and please remember Sigma doesn't pay me to advertise for them. This is a brush set I have bought by my own money and it is my own discretion to talk about them. Shall feature a makeup look with Sigma brushes to but till then try drooling over them if you can.

Btw dont forget to check their Premium brush set which is a better deal but unfortunately out of stock.

Till then,



  1. Nice brush set! Do they feel soft?Its pathetic tat we dont have access to many international brands! wat abt those people who dont buy online? we miss a hell lotta deals....

  2. Did u order these online or buy them from a store in Mumbai?

    Also Prices please. :D

  3. oh my ! I have been lemming for them since ages . Would love a review :)


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