Tuesday, April 13, 2010

5 ways to use….PEACH

Peach is one of the colors that look good on everyone. This is why I love to call peach a neutral color because it looks good on warm as well as cool undertones. I feel that peach is an eclectic mixture of pink (cool) and orange (warm) as adding one of them makes peach cooler and warmer respectively. The ratio of both colors must be the same to create this universally flattering shade of makeup. So there is peaches n cream complexion out there and also peaches n chocolate, peaches n olive and peaches n caramel.

Every collection nowadays has peach color in form of eyeshadow, blush or lipstick since it goes well on everyone. Lets see 5 different ways of sporting the color "PEACH".

  1. Peachy lips were always in. I like peach lip colors in shimmery and satin formulas than matte ones as matte peach lipstick can makes complexion look washed out. A shimmery peach gloss enlivens the face and adds a sophisticated touch of glamour to any look whether natural or party. Its my mother's staple and she always has peach colored gloss and lipstick in her purse. My tip for using peach lip color is to use it as a lip stain. It looks natural and lovely.
  2. Peach on the cheeks balances any heavy makeup on lips or eyes. Peach blush looks stunning as it mimics a natural flush of color on any warm or cool complexions. Peach blush is for all and sometimes you can just wipe 5-10 yrs of your age just by using peach crème blush.
  3. Peach on eyes looks good too. I like to do a peach from inner corners that darken up into a bronze on the outer corners. One place where I advice not to use peach is on the brow bone. It can look harsh and dated. Maybe this look would be reserved for old world hippie women from 1970s.
  4. Peach highlighters are making waves in the field of makeup due to their ability to make you look younger. A shimmery peach highlight on the face looks so amazing. Whether it's a shimmery peach eyeshadow, blush or lipstick, some shimmer and you look like a goddess. You can also apply a bronzer on the cheek bones and contours of the cheeks and top it with a peach blush and it gives this warm radiance that would take out any signs of tiredness on the face. Try a peach highlighting blush over a matter bronzer or a matte peach blush over shimmery bronzer instead of using both shimmery formulas as they tend to look overdone.
  5. Adding a peach highlighter or a peach liquid blush in your foundation, gives your face a new dimension. Peach on the skin can add warmth, brighten pale complexions, neutralize purple undertones and make you look radiant. I also like peach to salmon colored concealers like MAC NW range of concealers for the under eye area as the orange in the peach contrasts with the dark blue or purple in the under eye area. I always felt yellow based concealers in the under eye may make it look sallow and pale and peach is just the right color of concealer that works. Some makeup artists use a yellow concealer and fix it with pink powder which ultimately makes it look peachy.

The only things I haven't seen in makeup is a Peach mascara and a peach eye liner. It'd be a revolution to get them in but no one knows the one who'd dare.

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  1. Nice post, You mentioned that a peach lip tint is the best way to sport this look.. any recommendations?

  2. Body shop has got a nice peachy lip tint in their latest makeup collection...do see it as its fantastic....


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