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Likes and Dislike…..MAC

This is a new post series again where I am going to talk about the products that I like and dislike in certain brands.

Disclaimer: - these are purely my choices and have not been influenced by anyone. If there is difference of opinion, I request the person to resolve in his/her mind and not shout about it. I am not mentioning the prices here and I request readers to refer to my other posts for the same.

The first brand that I am going to write about is MAC. MAC or Makeup Art Cosmetics is one of the three giant pillars of Estee Lauder and they have always wooed us with their products and limited edition collections. What sets Mac apart from other brands is the wide array of colors they bring in for individual and professional use and how they make makeup artist's work easier with their cult edge products. MAC also ties up with fashion designers and makeup artists to create unique collections and people talk about them online and everywhere forever. Their limited edition collections make people go crazy and its after 3 yrs that I have learnt to control my cravings.

MAC has an amazing team of makeup artists in India and abroad who are trained to perfection and seldom go wrong in what they do. I have so many makeup artist friends here at MAC who share beauty tips and give their insights on so many products MAC makes. Like doctors, they have mastered their art of remembering names of MAC shades in various categories and you can't help testing them at times. Anyways let me tell you the products that I really like and the ones I would rethink before buying. There may be other products that I don't mention and I leave it upon you to wonder whether I like them or not.


  1. POWDER BLUSHES………they are the best ones MAC makes and come in millions of colors and color combinations. I especially like Sheertone and Satin formulations as they put a veil of color on your face and look ethereal. The Beauty Powder blushes are perfect for oily skins and some of the colors that MAC has make history. The best ones for Indian skin tones are Ginger, Peaches, Plumfoolery, Honor, TraceGold, and Dollymix. MAC also makes Mineralize blushes and I tend to buy all of them.
  2. STUDIO FIX POWDER FOUNDATION………….its the best powder foundation you'd ever see. It blends on your skin perfectly if used correctly and hides all the flaws in just one layer. What an amazing product!! Studio fix is purchased by customers on and on and I am one of them.
  3. I love MAC lipsticks in textures of lustre, amplified, and satin. They have every color on this earth and sometimes they capture other planets.
  4. DAZZLEGLASSES…………are something to die for. The intensity of the pigments and shimmers dazzleglasses pack are umimaginable. The formula is long lasting and goes for hours and hours on application. Though I don't like the brush that comes with it, but sometimes you don't get the best of everything.
  5. PAINT POTS…………….eyeshadows or under eyeshadow bases, paint pots are the it thing one must look for in MAC. They never crease, stay on for a long time and thankfully have become a permanent line due to their demand. This creamy formula dries on your lids and creates the perfect base for eyeshadows to adhere and stay put longer. I prefer BareStudy, Painterly , Rubenesque and Black Ground over the wide array of colors they have.
  6. FLUID LINES……..these gel pot liners are a cult favorite and the colors available are very beautiful. These gel liners are smudgeproof and are so versatile that they could be used for drawing art of the face as well. BLACKTRACK is an all time favorite and so are more.
  7. SINGLE EYESHADOWS…..these powder eyeshadows come in the most amazing formulas like Satin, Matte, Matte2, Lustre, Frost, Veluxe and Veluxe pearl and glide dreamily on eyes to get the desired effect. They also had limited Starflash collection whose texture I really loved. Their mineralize eyeshadows are fantastic formulations too but they are limited editions.
  8. MINERALIZE SKIN FINISH…………….the face powders and highlighters are just wonderful. They come in the most satiny textures and give a halo of color on the cheeks when applied.
  9. DAZZLELASH MASCARA…………one of their mascaras that I loved like anything. It defines, curls, lengthens and volumizes and comes with a unique brush design that catches the smallest lash on your lids. It is very affordable compared to other high end brands.
  10. STUDIO MOISTURE TINT……a very useful tinted moisturizer that is very good for summers when you want to skip those full coverage foundations. Just the tinted moisturizers and Studio fix powder is enough to keep you happy for summers.
  11. SELECT COVER UP CONCEALERS…..are really good. I like to work with them as they can be layered nicely, do not cake and look natural. They also come in various shades and go good on everyone.
  12. TECHNAKOHL LINERS………..these twistable pencil liners are just the best.
  13. FALSE LASHES…….in the most versatile sizes and shapes…
  14. PIGMENTS……..they create mystery and MAC is known for these versatile loose pigments. The go from sheer wash of color to opaque and are so buildable that I urge everyone to at least own one from them. The most selling and flattering pigment that they have is MELON.

  15. MAC also makes lovely brow products. But I think I have already talked a lot about lot many products.


  1. STUDIO FIX CONCEALER…….it goes really heavy and creases and cracks. Actresses love it but I hate it. They do blend well but they have a very unstable staying power.
  2. STUDIO SCULPT FOUNDATION and CONCEALER…sorry to say but these formulas just don't work. MAC makes better ones and I wouldn't be surprised if these formulations would phase out. Very unhappy that their really good quality stick foundations are discontinuing. I quickly got some of the colors and they just blend so nicely and give such an amazing professional result. Sad LLL
  3. STUDIO FIX FLUID foundation…this full coverage foundation is good but not for daily use. I have seen pores clogging and people getting breakouts on using these foundations and MAC has made no attempts to find out why….but its ok if you use them once or twice a month. The other best thing you can do is use a BHA based exfoliator every day and night to keep the pores unclogged and then it would work better.
  4. LIQUIDLAST LINERS…..these never-budging-formulas literally stains your lids and just doesn't come off. The colors are good but I just hate these liners and would never buy them.
  5. Some limited edition eyeshadow palettes…..they are of such poor quality, the pigments don't show as good as they show in their regular line single eyeshadows and something is just not right about some of the pre-made palettes. I hated certain limited edition collections and though I loved the colors I didn't buy this after testing them on the back of my hand. Instead I looked for their dupes in their regular line and then bought those just to hide the embarrassment.
  6. MASCARAS……….other than PlushLash and ZoomLash, all their mascaras tend to clump and cannot be easily removed. They also stain the under eye are which is a bane.
  7. MATTE LIPSTICKS…..the lipsticks look so dry and flaky that you have to use a gloss to keep them soft and then it does not solve the purpose. I love Russian Red though and sometimes I use it on clients over a lipbalm so that it looks creamy and smooth.
  8. CRÈME BLUSHES……I just hate the formula…it goes streaky in these humid weather, greasy and sometime clogs pores. I prefer their CREAM COLOR BASES as they are more subtle and are a better formula.


  • Lipstick : - Russian Red, Touch, Twig
  • Eyeshadows: - Embark, AmberLights, Carbon
  • Powder blush: - Dollymix, Peachykeen, Plumfoolery

  • Mineralize eyeshadows: - Fresh Green Mix, Love connection, Sea and sky
Do share anything you have to say about MAC cosmetics.......good or bad....

Till then,



  1. I wil keep the mixed feel for myself :) I use Studio fix powder so happy with it...

    it really does a great job...i am a huge fan of lustre lipsticks...

    ur post is encyclopedic (?), so will save it for future references...

    wats ur insight on Strobe? cream or liquid?

    thnq dr.neeraj :)

  2. So Cool! I had been waiting for this post since a long, long time.. Thks for doing this. It'll really help me when I go shopping to MAC. Gr8 work! Keep it up!! :D

  3. I like the datailed post .. I will keep this in mind when I'll visit MAC next :)

  4. @ Divija, i did not like Strobe cream especially for Indian climates as it tends to oily....

    thanks for the comments..


  5. Dr.Neeraj, please join twitter if you are not can like your blog there too..would be easy to pass on your info to many people in the world.good luck! i love your blog :)


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