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Makeup Planner……..Christian Dior

Christian Dior is a luxury house with a cornucopia of clothes, jewelry, watches, handbags, perfumes, shoes and makeup. They succeed in doing the best in anything that they plan and make glamorous, anyone they touch. Shane Paish, their artistic director for makeup works on the same principles and has managed to keep us all mesmerized with the lovely collections of makeup every season. Not only the colors are amazing but also are the advanced technologies used by Dior laboratories to manufacture them which set them apart in skin care and makeup. CD today caters to women of all ages with their versatile playful colors and state of the art collections.

Again in this post I may write many other favorites as I can't just choose the best five. Since Dior has increased their prices this year I may not be able to tell the right price. So anyone interested to buy could go on their counters all over India and confirm…I wouldn't be talking about the "limited editions" that are launched as there is no point in talking about them since they disappear and never come back again ..thanks….

Dior Diorskin Nude natural glow hydrating makeup
…you'll find the description of this post in its eponymous post. But just to sum up, these are a range of flawless gliding foundations with 100% minerals and mineral water technology that makes the skin glowing and skin improves with time. The products melt into the skin and give a luminous glow. They have an entire collection of liquid foundations, concealers, sculpting powders and loose powders in this line.

5 colors Designer all in one Artistry palette
Rs.3300 approx.
Is a set of 4 eyeshadows in shimmery and glittery textures with a pan for cream eye liner. I used this eyeliner as a base for the eyeshadow to sit on too. What I immensely loved in this collection is the glittery highlighter. They do have chunks of glitter but the glitter doesn't look tacky and shabby and feels as it is "charged" electrically coz not a bit falls out. Funny but true! The contouring colors are good too. This is a must in every girl's kit, forgetting the cost factor. I picked up Smoky Design and Navy Design. Shall show them soon.

Serum de rouge lipstick
Is the first of its kind lipstick with benefits of lip care in a serum form. The colors are ultra-lovable and go on smoothly to give a high voltage shine and yet they are long lasting. Its an epitome of scientific innovations and is a staple amongst makeup junkies. It's a glamorous lip Rx that provides unparalleled care and luminous color to lips in a soft, buttery, easy glide formula. Serum de rouge also contains Mango butter for nutrition and other botanicals to boost microcirculation and collagen levels, protecting the lips with SPF 20. I am in love with all their colors but partial to the bright pink one.

Dior Shimmer Star Powder
Rs.2570 approx.
How can someone miss a product like this? It's a wonderful gradation of shimmery colors in palettes of gold, pink, peach-pink and copper enriched with jeweled microdust to set sparks of brilliance on your face. This super chic formula blends on the skin virtually fusing the skin with radiant luminosity. This sparkle does not look cheap and chunky and the shimmer looks like a veil of frost or snow on the face. I love Rose Diamond and Amber Diamond and own both of them.

Diorshow Blackout mascara
To describe this mascara in one word is "drama". This wonderful mascara transforms lashes into beauty tubes. This mascara never fails and has ultra black kohl pigments that give lashes a show stopping length.

Dior does make some more products like ……

  1. Dior addict lipsticks in superb shimmers and lovely textures, Rs.1750
  2. Dior addict ultra gloss Rs.1650
  3. Dior mono eyeshadow Rs.1850 approx.
  4. Dior 5 color eyeshadow (the normal palettes) Rs.3300

note: Dior has launched some amazing products in their new spring range which I am going to try and may be buy but definitely review what I like from them.Its all about luxury and luxury at times is not affordable.

Dior is an extravagance for your wallet but its worth when taken considering the durability and long lasting results.

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Disclaimer: - I do not endorse Christian Dior and neither have they paid me write this article. These are purely my personal opinions about this fantastic brand and no one has influenced me to write about it. The prices mentioned above are not exact and may subject to change without prior notifications so please don't blame me if you hear different ones while you purchase. This article is purely to give you an insight of the all the best products Dior has to offer and I hope everyone appreciates the same. Please do not blame me for writing and raving so much about these costly makeup products. It is purely for reading and you don't have to buy everything I write about. It is a reader's discretion.

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  1. the best part about your blog, i always add, is the honesty and the fact that you quote the prices!! yaay!! Neeraj, could you help me out by telling me what helps to get the skin tone fairer, i suffer from a year old tan and though my face is fair, my hands are a totally darker shade. please suggest what works...i hear there is a new fair and lovely cream but i don't think they work, how are oriflame or any better brands you could suggest..please help out or could do a post on this soon?


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