Monday, April 5, 2010

The Makeup Planner……YSL

YSL aka Yves Saint Laurent was a couturier par excellence and the impact can be seen on his eponymous makeup, skin care and fragrance line. The designer is no more but his brand never fails to enthrall and has seen the best of creative directors from Linda Cantello to Val Garland. With L'Oreal as an owner, YSL gets better and more glamorous quality wise and color wise. From their uber beautiful golden packaging to their cutting edge colors, YSL is a truly must have makeup brand. Never liked their skin care though except Radiant Touch complexion perfector which is good only if you have a flawless skin. YSL has always believed in strong makeup colors and have their own way of making them looking glamorous, beautiful and skin flattering.
Lets see what this legendary makeup brands have to offer.

Volume Effect Faux Cils Mascara – Luxurious Volumizing Mascara

 This famous mascara is a rage amongst one and all actresses I have heard using it. Its equally famous with makeup artists, makeup junkies and all and I have even seen ladies peeping into their car mirrors and applying this mascara (even in India of course MUMBAI btw). Faux Cils mascara truly epitomizes the luxury brand called YSL. Voluptuous lashes can be created in a jiffy with this mascara hence the name. Eye lashes are so volumized and maximized that they look artificial and have an extreme glamour quotient. YSL also releases some amazing mascara in some unheard mascara colors like Bottle Green, Deep plums, Turquoise etc and I have managed to grab a few in my makeup ventures. This mascara is for fearless femme fatales who love big bold lashes that stop traffic in a blink of an eye. The secret is Triple Film Complex, a coating film for intensity, conditioning film for curve and fixing film for long lasting effectiveness. Its one of the mascaras worth investing and comes with a heavy price of 1850 INR. Can it get more luxurious??

Touché Éclat

Another cult favorite amongst fashionistas, touché éclat happens to be sold somewhere in the world every 10 seconds or something. This award winning luminizing pen brings immediately light and radiance to skin, erasing the signs of fatigue and brightening the complexion. Its like 8 hrs of sleep trusted and gathered by actresses, models and makeup artists all over the world. Just a few strategically placed strokes of touché éclat ensure a rested, rejuvenated and radiant complexion. This highlighting concealer can be used under eyes, on the heights of cheeks, sides of the lips and even on lips and anywhere and everywhere where one wants the light to hit revealing radiance. YSL Touché éclat sells at a whopping price of 2100 INR but ladies please remember its all about couture.

Rouge Volupté

It will prove to be one of the luxurious products in your makeup bag thanks to its innovative packaging. When I looked at the lipstick at first which also comes with a heavier price tag, I felt this lipstick was made for the Queen of England. It's a silky sensual radiant lipstick with SPF 15 for a safe glamour. Rouge Volupté transforms from a solid stick to a fluid veil of radiant color on touching the lips and hydrates and locks in moisture. It's a long lasting formula with pigmented color in a unique color shine complex making the lips visibly plumped. It sells for Rs.1750

Blush Variation

A very sensuous way of sporting a flush of color on the cheeks, this is a blush duo that I have always liked and coveted. It sells for Rs.2870 and comes in amazingly vivid color combinations in 2 textures, matte and iridescent in a checkered pattern. They can be used individually or together to highlight cheekbones. Blush variation contains self adapting pigments that add dimension and luminosity to the face and transform into a vibrant source of color.

Ombres 5 lumieres

These quint palettes are an inspiration from Dior. Don't forget YSL did work for Dior for sometime in his formative years. They come in the most alluring and tantalizing finishes and I truly thank L'Oreal and Val Garland for this. The colors are smooth and lustrous and addiction to this palette is not unheard of. They have some amazing permanent colors and some seasonal ones that are priced much higher due to their rarity. They sell at Rs.3450 or something.

YSL is a wonderful brand known for its ability to make vibrant colors wearable and their makeup says the same thing. Thanks to Stephano Pilati, the artistic director of YSL and all those brilliant minds who keep us happy for long………


Disclaimer: - I do not endorse YSL and neither has YSL paid me write this article. These are purely my personal opinions about this fantastic brand and no one has influenced me to write about it. The prices mentioned above are not exact and may subject to change without prior notifications so please don't blame me if you hear different ones while you purchase. This article is purely to give you an insight of the all the best products YSL has to offer and I hope everyone appreciates the same. Please do not blame me for writing and raving so much about these costly makeup products. It is purely for reading and you don't have to buy everything I write about. It is a reader's discretion.

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