Saturday, April 17, 2010

Nice @ less price….

Yesterday I just went crazy after visiting Beauty centre in Mumbai to look for some real good products at a cheaper price. Bourjois, the French brand that I have always liked for their fantastic products at affordable costs did not fail to impress me again. Browsing through their ultra-wearable collection of makeup for the daily woman, I came across a few products that I'm going to mention today. I would not be reviewing them in this article but shall soon be writing some posts on Bourjois products.

I find Bourjois, a mass brand actually a class brand with the quality of products they make at such affordable costs. Bourjois products are value for money as they provide just the right thing everyone wants and their colors suit warmer Indian complexions really well. They suck at concealers but who would buy them when MAC and Clinique are around, though I'm going to talk about their Anti cernes Pinceau concealer in my next post which really impressed me and my skin tone.

Some new products from Bourjois which are must buy would be: -
(I dunno most of the prices as I forgot when she was rapidly telling me but I'll mention the approximate ones. Btw some international launches are yet not launched in India so doesn't make sense writing about them even though I own a few stuff.)


This mascara gives volume and length to lashes while rebuilding and re-boosting the integrity of lash hairs. The mascara protects lashes from environmental insults and other harsh factors that could weaken and cause breakage. Its good for sensitive eyes which makes it even better and also contact lens wearers. Within 3 weeks according to R&D of Bourjois, the mascara enriched with cotton and sweet almond oils makes lashes look glamorous and nourished from within. This is must buy mascara in the best mascaras of 2010.


This eye pencil is so good!!! I bought the teal one in this as that was a unique color I was looking for, for writing a post on latest makeup trends. They say it is "deep green" but it's a perfect teal and blends like anything. Comes with a brush on the other end but I did not like it at all. I suggest using MAC 219 to blend the color on lashes to create smoky effect. All the liners are good especially for ethnic makeup and they last really long thanks to their high tolerance formula after the play time is over. Other colors are grey, jet black, brown and purple and each one is worth buying.


Nice coordinated eye shadow with buildable pigments for subtle to dramatic smoky eyes. I love the way these colors shine on eyes and can be paired well with the effet smoky eye pencils. I bought Bleu Rock 07 as I love blues and these were really unique.


This foundation has fruits in it. Apple as an anti oxidant, ginger for energy, apricot for radiance and melon for hydration. You cannot taste these fruits but the foundation smells divine (thanks to perfume they put). It's a lovely foundation, gives medium coverage without looking too pasty and opaque, blends really well without drying into harsh lines, looks au natural, hydrates and allows the skin to breathe. What else do you want at this cost??? Though the colors are not available in a wide spectrum, this foundation should go really well on many skin tones and colors except very dark ones.

I did find healthy mix concealer but the colors just did not go on Indian complexion so I think its pointless writing about it.

Bourjois does have the Mineral Matte mousse foundation which is quite good but since mousse foundations do not appeal to my taste I left it. Their glosses and lipsticks are pretty good though the colors are sheer and boring and they have nothing that could catch my eye. But Bourjois eye products are amazing and I urge every girl out there who reads this post to have something from Bourjois…..

Let me know what you saw there….

Till then,



  1. Wow..

    That was such a neat and lovely round up Dr.Neeraj. I live in Bangalore and heard Bourjois is available here, but only in one shop I guess and that too is quite far way. Can't imagine travelling all the way just to check out this single brand. But this info has given a fair idea as to what to look out for when I visit the shop :-)

    Thank you so much.

  2. I have been eyeing the Bourjois Effet Pencils for quite some time now after seeing their website.

  3. I also have this blue eyeshadow. Love it. :)

    Btw I went to the clinque shop yesterday and was really impressed with the consultants. They are nice and warm. :)

  4. I got the eye pencil after reading your post - got it in Smokey brown & am loving it.. planning to get purple next :D..

    Thks for the reccos. :)


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