Thursday, April 22, 2010

Product Review…..Bourjois Anti-cernes Pinceau

Sometimes when your wallet doesn't allow you to splurge, you hunt out for substitutes. In the makeup world, you do it again and again as its obvious to create dents in your planned monthly budget. Anyways that's not the reason for me to purchase this product; it's the fine quality of this brand that makes me buy their products all the time. Its none other than Bourjois, a mass market brand known for its fine quality and out of the world cosmetics. Bourjois has always been famous for their eye liner pencils in the budget buy, but this time their face products made me go gaga.

To tell the truth, I have never purchased Bourjois face products thinking that they might not be that great, as they weren't before. I used to find their foundations very white and pasty and concealers never matched Indian skin tones. They might have forgotten that lot many black women live in Paris too who look for cheaper alternatives in makeup. Anyways after purchasing this concealer such doubts of mine evaporated. Here I talk about Bourjois' Anti-cernes Pinceau concealer.

First of all, this brush concealer I must say is a cheap substitute to cult illuminating concealers like YSL Touché Éclat, Dior Diorflash pen, Lancôme Flash Retouches' and so many more. The quality of the Bourjois concealer is same as the ones mentioned above.

What it does?

Bourjois concealer blurs dark circles and illuminates the under eye area. I could see the signs of tiredness getting wiped out of the face. Not only that, this illuminating concealer can be used to highlight the bridge of the nose, can be used as an eye makeup base for eyeshadows and eye products to stay put longer and crease free, highlight the heights of the cheeks, create a fuller pout when used on lips and a lot more where you need to be creative. Illuminating concealers when used over foundation highlight the prominent areas of the face without looking overdone. This is subtle play of light and the concealer does complete justice to it.

It comes as a black shiny plastic pen with a brush on one end and a clicking knob on the other end to push the product outwards. Looks like a pen that could conceal all the bad things. The packaging is just a plastic coated around the product that can be easily removed and discarded. There is no box per se. On each click a little product comes out that is enough to apply as it spreads over a large surface area. The formula is smooth gliding, gives medium coverage and is excellent for dark circles that are gone bad but not worse.

Unfortunately it comes in 2 shades, a pink one for pink undertones and a beige-y golden for golden undertones on the lighter side. As I said, this is the only drawback. So the concealer cannot be used by medium to darker skin colors, as it is too light for them. But the good part is it went fantastic on me. The concealer also hydrates the under eye area and does not settle in the creases.

The quantity is 1.5 ml for the price of Rs.520 INR. Since the concealer comes in a clicking pen, there is very less wastage and it saves a lot of product too. The concealer should last for a month, if used everyday just like other illuminating concealers. I'd strongly recommend this concealer for fair to medium complexions and if anyone has already tried let me know.

The next buy from Bourjois in May is their Purple smoky pencil and the healthy mix foundation provided Makeup Forever doesn't launch next month.

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  1. Hi,

    After reading your earlier post on Bourjois Effet Smokey Pencil, I visited their counter. But then since I didn't know about this product, I missed it.

    Btw, the brush foundation from Bourjois has much better shade selection for Indian skin tones.

    On my next visit, I would try this :-), though not sure if their range would match my skin tone.

  2. Im definitely going to buy this one. Since i wanted to buy YSL touche eclat but it was too pricey to fit in my budget. Now since you have given this your approval this is a must buy on my list.

    P.S. posted a comment earlier on your thank you post aswell but it never showed up.

  3. Thanks ladies.......

    @Priyanka....i did publish ur comment but sorry as i didnt answer back...
    This is a lovely product and if it suits you go ahead and buy it...


  4. I was waiting for the launch of Loreal magic lumi concelaer pen?

    Wat do u suggest should I go ahead with Bourjois? I have a medium skin tone?

  5. I went to Bourjois counter yesterday in lifestyle store, I didnt find the above concealer but she showed me some other Bourjois concealer pen which was white n red in color, I am confused?

    Plz advice :(


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