Sunday, April 18, 2010

Regression therapy..

No one knows what happens in past life but everyone knows what has happened in their actual past.This is what I mean while talking to all about some of the best posts of mine in 2008 and all.

Do bother to read some........

  1. About PAT McGRATH...the most influential makeup artist the world has known after late Kevyn Aucoin...Read here...
  2. Here's a list of certified organic products that you can have in your cosmetics.
  3. The makeup pioneer Mr.Maximillian Facktorowicz aka Max Factor as we did not know him.....
  4. Hygiene in makeup.
  5. All facts about getting the right blush for the right flush..
  6. Decode the secrets of bronzers and blushes...
  7. Essential MAC eyeshadows one must have in their kits.BTW I'd be updating this post soon.
  8. Do you contour,color and highlight??Read here...
Guys,these are some posts of 2008 that I really liked.Do bother to read these and let me know.

Till then,


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  1. i was a huge fan of Kevyn. I have one of his books...if i ever come to Mumbai, I will bring it for you :)


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