Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thank you so much.....

Dear Readers,

This thank you post doesn't mean I'm stopping blogging so don't get scared.This is just to tell you all how thankful I am with the love I've got from you and the inspiring comments that you hav written.

I don't boast that whatever I write is 100% but I think I have fair knowledge and capability to write the best review I can give.Till today I have tried not to give negative reviews of so many products because I have no rights to spoil the business that these cosmetic companies have set up and I don't even own a bureau for customer complaints that I write bad about them.But sometimes it may happen spontaneously so I request all to please take it lightly and use your discretions before you buy the products.

I was also told that I dont write much about MAC....My answer is there are so many like almost all bloggers who just rant about MAC as if MAC is going to secure a job for them.So why should i be like the rest.Maybe I'd be read less but at least my readers dont have to read the same stupid things about product launches and all stuff MAC does. This blog is not intended to write all product launches.Its just the information.And btw I do write discretely about some MAC stuff as it is the most used professional makeup brand and even by me but I? want to tell all that you dont have to be crazy and buy all the things that MAC sells. MAC does launch their limited editions in India but it happens after 2 months of their launches abroad and my foreign readers would call me a jerk if I write about them.

I also dont do many hauls as I feel one should not display everything that they have and make others feel jealous.

I thank Divija Reddy to be so wonderful as a person and invest time in getting an interview of mine.I thank her from the bottom of my heart as nobody has been so overwhelmingly nice to me on the internet. Please do read her fantastic interview on her blog. i also want to thank Tanveer and Rati for being such fantastic bloggers and their constant encouragements and positivity keeps me writing more.

Soon I shall start makeup giveaways on my blog for Indian readers and shall notify as soon as I organize my overflowing makeup box.Please do keep on writing comments as I want to be sure I am catering to the right kin d of ladies and gentlemen with the knowledge I have.

I digged in my blog archives to see some really good posts of myself that I couldnt imagine re-writing.I know one could be lazy to actually go and see them so I am going to give links of some of the nicest posts I wrote in the starting of my blogging.

Again,thank you so much to all for being so nice and reading my blog.You are the inspiration for this.



PS: - I made a big mistake by inviting some useless makeup artists especially from MAC and Lancome (names are hidden and they know whom I am talking about) to write articles from my blog but now I would be thinking twice before really inviting someone worthy for this.


  1. Aww..

    You are indeed doing an awesome job Dr.Neeraj. Atleast there are some readers like me who don't regret the fact that you don't write about MAC. In fact, I would like to thank you for insights into a brand like Clinique which I would have never considered otherwise :-)

  2. Hello Dr. Neeraj

    I'm a new follower here. was going through the archives and i loved your posts.. and the fact that you don't write just about MAC but other international brands as well is what makes Beauty traveller unique than the others. They make me feel like MAC is the only high end product left in the whole market.

    P.S.- even i like Rati and Tanveer's blog. Such nice enthusiastic girls and they are definitely bringing about change in the indian makeup blogging world. They actually tell you everything available in the market high end or not. They have reviews for everything.

  3. i find Mac skin care products absolutely crappy!!


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