Monday, April 5, 2010

What I’m loving this week………..

With the blog posts that I write I portrait a very serious and geeky personality which I am not. So I decided to write this breezy post that talks a bit about myself and what I do. I am planning to write one at the end of every week for some fun.
Please know that this is what I like for this week and it might change or be the same according to my moods and interests.

Favorite junk food @ McDonald's with French fries and coke and amazing Filet'o'fish burgers……

Favorite movie @ Fun Cinemas where I saw Clash With the TITANS….too good….dont forget to see it 3D

Favorite MakeupEyeshadow Gleam and Typographic from MAC

Lipstick Clinique Long lasting lipstick in Violet Berry

Mascara Dior Extase Mascara

Blush Peaches……MAC Sheertone blush

Eye liner Lancôme Teal

Lipgloss Dazzleglass from MAC in Shezam!

Brush the original MAC 187 with its many duplicates.

Please do feel free to write what you liked this week in the comments section…….

Till then,

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  1. More abt u...I was xpecting french fries n stuff, but when I saw the last part of ur post :) I was like...ok I totally forgot this is a beauty blog :)

    i know how it feels, dr. neeraj :) good attempt LOL :)


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