Thursday, June 17, 2010

Makeup's Answer to Pigmentation Questions!!

Today I’m going to review another amazing foundation that has given newer and better hopes to combat pigmentation. It gets even better with Clinique’s EVEN BETTER MAKEUP SPF 15. This foundation opens new doors in the fields of skin care and makeup and adds a revolutionary step in getting your skin right.

“An even toned skin always looks younger”, says Clinique’s Guiding Dermatologist and that’s true for Asian skins. We never worried about wrinkles, did we? We always worry about pigmentation, uneven skin tone, patchy skin, under eye circles, oiliness, open pores and all. Clinique says that all this is due to skin irritations. Potential environmental allergens create chaos with skin’s delicate system and the defense mechanisms against these insults make our skin from bad to worse. Oil is produced to combat dehydration due to epidermal water loss, melanin deposited in the inflamed areas of skin and pores open due to damaged support structure comprising of collagen and elastin……did problems appear severe?

Barriers could be created using moisturizers and spots could be zapped using serums, but what about recurrence of pigmentation? I believe the reason is having inadequate protection….and Clinique heard our prayers…..


It’s a lightweight oil free soft foundation that gives sheer to medium build able coverage. Lasts longer and performs better as the foundation knows how to lighten pigmentation and prevent it with added sun protection. It is an addition to the already wonderful performing range of Even Better products like EVEN BETTER SKIN TONE CORRECTOR, EVEN BETTER SKIN TONE CORRECTING MOISTURIZER SPF 20 and EVEN BETTER CLINICAL DARK SPOT CORRECTOR (serum). All these highly performing products contain Clinique’s patented Blackout Yeast Extract and other mushroom extracts that are melanin cluster busters, exfoliants to remove the dust from the skin’s surface by loosening dead cells and a cocktail of anti-oxidants to fight environmental insults. These act as a lethal combination for spots and also regulate and modulate melanin production. The foundation may not exfoliate but it lightens, brightens and protects. It also has Vitamins like C,B and P that help skin repair....wonder all this in a foundation?

How to use it?

Clinique products may be recommended to be used with each other but they do work in the mix-n-match way. I recommend using the 3 steps of Cleansing, Clarifying and moisturizing, then using the Even Better Skin tone corrector followed by the correcting moisturizer SPF 20. You can use your favorite moisturizer and then layer the foundation over it.

Even Better makeup SPF 15 gives sheer to medium coverage that not only hides pigmentation but also treats it. Sorry it doesn’t treat freckles though. What I like is the slip of the foundation. It makes the skin flawless and radiant and gives a beautiful matte finish. I don’t advice using foundation primer underneath as it might hamper the effects. Not launched in India but Dermawhite Bright C powder would be the best to set the foundation.

Pigmentation or discoloration of skin needs attention as the skin’s defenses are already weakening, so start as soon as you can, because hyperpigmentation is deep within skin. So here is another option for you to try.

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