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Product Review…….Estee Lauder Cyberwhite Ex Sunscreen

I decided to write the name of this wonder in the post as, as a title it would be too long. Its "Estee Lauder Cyberwhite EX Extra Intensive UV Protector SPF 50". As I talked about pigmentation as a major concern in Asia, I have always explored the world of beauty to find out the best products that suit my little on the sensitive side skin and something that gives me protection and yet helps in brightening. I don't have the concern of pigmentation any more but for protective and preventive measures I always love to incorporate a whitening or skin lightening product in my regimen. It could be serum, day cream or night cream but I make sure I have one product in the category of SLA.

Well let me talk about myself later and get back to the point. EL's Cyberwhite EX UV protector SPF 50 is one of the best lightening sunscreens I found recently. This is not newly launched but since Estee is not at your reach that easily I took really lot of time to find this product in Mumbai. But before reviewing let us talk about why the need of a lightening sunscreen???

Skin lightening sunscreens in whatever glamorous names they are called, do some very important things like: -

  • Slowing down excess melanin production
  • Increasing cellular turnover with incorporation of Acetyl Glucosamine
  • Brightening the skin thanks to Vit.C
  • Powerful anti oxidants that prevent skin irritations and free radical damage
  • Prevention of tanning and age spots and of course future damage.
  • Powerful broad spectrum photo stable sunscreens that protect from the harmful effects of UV damage
  • Excellent makeup base for better makeup hold

When you have so much to get from a skin lightening sunscreen why spend on just a normal sunscreen? Estee Lauder has something to say on the packaging of the SPF 50 too;

"Fact. Not all dark spots are created equal. Now Estee Lauder research advances our most comprehensive brightening system ever with three highly targeted breakthrough technologies. Correcting and helping prevent three different kinds of dark spots responsible for clouding your complexion. Stubborn age spots. Small surface spots. And those barely visible spots just below skin's surface.
Our highest UVA/UVB protection ever to help prevent every kind of dark spot…small surface spots, stubborn age spots and future spots.
Super sheer, extra gentle and fast absorbing, this high level UVA/UVB shield ensures a brighter, flawless looking future for your skin. Formulated with highly concentrated anti oxidants. Instantly illuminates skin tone, while creating smooth matte base for makeup to glide on. Dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested. Non acnegenic.
Specifically created for and tested in Asian skin in Asia."

I love this sunscreen for the fact it is super sheer and super gentle and a small bit goes a long way without making you feel like a butter paper. To comment on the contents of the products, it does not have physical sunscreens (no wonder its super sheer without the opacity of Titanium dioxide).

Active Ingredients: - Homosalate 5 %, Octisalate 5%, Avobenzone 3% and Oxybenzone 3%. It may cause a bit of irritation in ladies prone to allergies due to chemical sunscreens and may cause a little bit of sweating initially on application but later on you are fine. I blamed the climate too btw. They also have Kukui Seed oil, Scuttleria Baicalensis, Turmeric Root Extract, Whey protein, Grape extract, mulberry root extract and Laminaria (water plant) as botanicals that are potent antioxidants and all with Acetyl Glucosamine to improve the cellular renewal. What else do we need.

USAGE: - Apply a sheer layer on the entire face. Works best with Estee Lauder's other Cyberwhite EX product and I especially recommend the Advanced Performance Brightening Essence and the under eye cream with SPF 15 with it. You can couple it with a good foundation especially anyone that has lightening properties like Clinique's Even Better Makeup SPF 15. Avoid the eye area though as this sunscreen is not made for application in the eye area though it is ophthalmologist tested.

Do let me know if you have used it……..

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  1. gr8 to read a post frm u after such a long time!

    This sounds like an awesome prdt, how much does it cost?


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