Monday, September 27, 2010

Another MASCARA on the block........ just get me ranting and raving all the time and they happen to be my truest love as I know what impact can be created in a look with mascara. Another mascara on the block from the affordable side is Bourjois's NEW Elastic lengthens and strengthens and creates glossy, defined lashes.

What is it?

Its a lash lengthening mascara with fibres to stretch lashes and comes with a comb as a wand.

Bourjois says.......

130% more visible length!

Bourjois new Elastic Mascara brings a true formula innovation for a spectacular result:

All lashes, even the short and fine ones are lengthened to the max and smoothly coated from root to tip thanks to an INNOVATIVE ultra-stretchable formula* that forms extensions beyond the tip of lashes.

Enriched with hevea from the rubber tree, the formula stretches up to 130% beyond their natural length.

What's more, this high tolerance formula, enriched with natural waxes is suitable for sensitive eyes and easy to remove with polymers specially selected for their water affinity.

Tips on how to apply this mascara: Apply with large and slow gestures, that follow the lash from root to tip. This makes it possible to stretch the formula beyond the tip of lashes and to spread it evenly, with no clumps or sticky effect.

I feel......Its a great mascara for ladies with short lashes but since it does not volumize I find this mascara good for day wear more than night wear.If you have the patience to apply a coat of volumizing mascara and then a lengthening mascara then this is not a bad purchase. I must agree that Elastic Mascara does give a glossy and defined finish and lashes look perfectly groomed plus your lashes feel and look delicate and not weighed down even after putting 10 coats of mascara.

The formulation is rubbery thanks to stretchable fibres but it dissolves faster when cleaned with soap and water.The mascara is quite long lasting and I love the comb that comes in.

It sells for Rs.550 INR and is quite good for your pocket.I feel this is not "the" mascara and they have more mascaras to try out too. I still prefer the Volume Glamour Ultra care mascara.

Do try it and let me know.




  1. hey neeraj, wanted to ask u summin..........u have seen my face and recommended me clinique foundation. I would like to try the mufe it good for my type of skin????

  2. U'll love MUFE's HD FOundation if u like full coverage.It does go a little heavy but if u r happy then go for it.I also like their 5 color camouflage palette which has 5 concealers that are lovely and thei HD microperfecting primer is my next buy.....

  3. hey thanks yaar for the prompt reply....will check out primer too when I go there. by the way will it make my skin too oily???????


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