Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Its all about getting inspired!!

I feel so sad and bad that I cannot blog and write articles since I'm short of time between work and playing Farmville these days. Sometime I have friend bloggers like Dr.Anju and my fav Rashmi inspiring me and sometimes I have so much to wrtie but I'm lost of words.

It doesnt take me a new collection to get inspired......Even things that have been there for sometime on the shelves inspire me..

My haul for October is definitely coming as follows: -

1. MAC 217 brush that costs mere Rs.1100 but makes a major addition in your brush set.

2. MAC Fabulous Felines collection to browse and see for the "steal"

3. Clinique's New High Lengths Mascara Rs.1075 is on its way in stock and surely going out of stock.

4. Gotto pick that MUFE Camouflage 5 color palette before I get pangs of guilt for Rs.1650

5. Inglot opens its doors to Mumbai and to some the makeup junkies like me.

Tomorrow with less work to do, I shall organize my makeup collection to try to make some decent looks myself and from the run ways with a little bit of market research...

Till then,



  1. hey thanks for mentioning meeeeeeee. and plz do make some time and post more often as you really do know ur stuff!!! it will be definitely a great help for others :)

  2. you should write often dear:) i always try to CHEATTTTTT your ideas
    you know u r behind my clarins purchase and i do am lucky to have you around :)


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