Thursday, September 23, 2010

Line it all..........

Gucci Fall 2010 makeup is as simple yet inspiring as the fashion trend Gucci manages to set every year. I am smitten by the Dark Kohl liner look without being too punky or edgy. This questions me and all my beautiful readers, how did they manage to get those dark smoldering picture perfect lines. Its tricky and not easy to master as it is seen on the model.

I’m going to put this as an inspired look so do wait for the turn of the Eye makeup to come.


• Makeup Forever aka MUFE Microperfecting primer Rs.1775

• Estee Lauder Nutritious Vita-Mineral makeup Liquid Foundation Rs.1950

• Estee Lauder Nutritious Vita-mineral Powder Foundation Rs.1950

• YSL Touché Éclat Rs.2150

• Clinique Almost Bronzer Rs.1800

On a well moisturized or hydrated face, dab on a pinky sized primer for better stay of the foundation. I love the Estee Lauder Nutritious Range of foundations for their super natural finish which is the key to this look plus they have nutrients and are mineral enriched. Dot Liquid foundation over the areas of concern and spread evenly with foundation brush (Christian Dior Foundation Brush) or fingers. Dot and Dab Touché Éclat highlighting concealer and bid adieu to dark circles and tiredness. With a fluffy powder brush (Lancôme Large Dome Powder brush) apply loose powder to set the foundation and makeup. This gives the perfect base that your makeup needs. With an angled brush (Scott Barnes angled brush) contour the cheek hollows with a sheer shimmer bronzer in negligible amounts with wee bit of highlighter for a sculpted look that is not very sun kissed. I would also recommend a dark colored compact powder for more professional results.

Tip: - Start with less foundation and build as per needed. Apply concealer in the upper inner corners of your lids as generally that’s the area that remains.


• MAC paint pot in Soft Ochre Rs.1100

• MAC eyeshadows in Tete-a-tint and Nylon Rs.900 each

• Clinique Color Surge Soft shimmer eyeshadow in Foxy Rs.1050

• Clinique Brush on Cream liner in True Black Rs.1100

• MAC Technakohl liner in Graphblack Rs.1000

• MAC Penultimate liner in Rapid Black Rs.1100

• Some special brushes for the look…MAC 217, MAC 224, Inglot 30 T bent liner brush

• Clarins Wonder Volume Mascara in Black Rs.1200

Prime the eyes with Soft Ochre Paint pot for the eyeshadows to stay put and last longer. Highlight with Nylon in the sheerest color possible on the brow bones and in the inner corners of eye lids. Blend Foxy in the crease taking it outwards and upwards, with Tete-a-tint on the entire lid as a mid-tone eyeshadow (you can go lighter and darker as desired, I also like Retrospeck from MAC ) on the entire lid. Also apply tete-a-tint on lower lids and smoke it to make it look almost invisible. With Graphblack line the lash lines of the upper lids and the water lines of the lower lids. Get as dark as possible but do not go over the boundaries onto the lids. This is more solid than smoked look. With 30 T Inglot cosmetics brush (I use bent liner brush from Smashbox cosmetics) trace True Black gel liner over the pencil. The pencil underneath creates a perfect base for the gel liner to glide on. You can also use the gel liner in the inner rims of lower lids. Finally make the line stronger and bolder with Rapidblack eyeliner pen giving the outer edge a wing that goes upwards and outwards. Groom the lashes with mascara concentrating more on the roots.

Tip: - go near to the lash line as possible as you don’t want to end up looking like an old Bollywood Heroine. This is the modern version. Also in case of mistakes with the liners, erase the mistake areas with a Q-tip dipped in makeup remover and correct with the required makeup.


• MAC lipstick in Touch Rs.980

• Clinique Superbalm Lip treatment Rs.810

Smudge Touch till it merges with the natural color of your lips and dab on some Lip balm for more moisturized results.

Disclaimer: - Readers please feel free to use other brands like Lakme, Revlon, L’Oreal, Clarins, Chamboretc whatever you like by keeping in mind the shades used. I promise to write dupes wherever I can. BTW NyX cosmetics is also a wonderful brand to try.

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  1. hey this is so detailed. thanks for the breakdown. the model does look stunning

  2. Heavy & Experimental liners really seem to be the look of the season. Have been dabbling a bit in them myself. Thks for the very informative post :)

  3. nice tips...
    can u tell me which is d best n most long lasting among technokohl,penultimate n gel liner ??
    like d pros n cons ?
    i hav heard gud reviews of technokohl...

  4. I love both Technakohl and Penultimate but the latter doesnt last that better until it has a good base to stay on and I'm not a veryyyy big fan of Pen liners as they dry very fast and sometimes stain ur lids and are too costly without any purpose.Pen liners are good for ladies who want the look of a liquid liner with the precision of an eye liner pencil.

    Thanks Bhumika


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