Saturday, October 2, 2010

Today's Purchase

I am so glad that I purchased Estee Lauder's New Concealer brush with bristles so soft and supple that even a butterfly's touch would feel heavy...

Shall soon write a complete review....Just sharing an excitement.....


  1. Hey Dr Neeraj,

    Is there any Clinique store in Hyderabad..if yes then plz tell me the address.. i m unable to find it.

  2. Hi Anamika,

    You can find Clinique in GVK1 mall in Hyderabad which is quite famous.The manager working there is Arijit who is an amazing guy.You can always consult with him.

  3. Hi Neeraj, I have to tell you I am a former Clinique consultant. I worked part-time in a department store and part-time as an AC :)

    I don't have good experience with Estee Lauder brushes, one of the handles broke.

  4. Thanks i will check it out :)

    and any Lancome boutique which u know HERE?

  5. hey pls post the pic soon and whats the prize for brush ???


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