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My Makeup Class.....Liquid Foundation Part 1

I am known for my original articles and less of promotions on my blog (one of the reasons I have so less readers and people hardly bother to comment) but this is the way I love my blog to be.A little underrated and subtle.Makeup is such a huge subject, an illustrious profession and gets re-invented every day, every season though the methods of makeup application remain more or less same.

The only reason our makeup goes wrong and looks cakey because we haven't had the patience to apply it properly and wrong application leads to disasters we aren't unaware of."My Makeup Class"is a melange of articles on makeup application I have deviced over years of practising, not to create trends but to create easy application. Trends happen on their own and industry's big names are responsible for them.

My first class is on applying Liquid Foundations as I feel these are the toughest to apply and the most underrated ways of getting a flawless canvas.With millions of options for "foundations" or "makeup base", the good old liquid foundation has found many avatars due to revolution and evolution of cosmetic brands. The horrible looking grease paint has been kicked out and in comes a gorgeous dewy looking foundation that adds luminosity and glow.Nothing is better but our SKIN!!

Avoiding more of cosmetic jargon and long introduction, I come to the main topic.The question would be "How to apply liquid foundation, without making it look cakey and yet have that bare skin effect?"

Its easy and its not rocket science. Though you would need either of these..............

These are just a few choices or my preferences as compared to million more and definitely some unusual ones.

I prefer using more than one foundation application tools though like fingers+sponge, sponge+brush and so on.

Where we go wrong is while loading the product.One must go layer by layer (imagine an onion, its just not a glob of vegetable flesh but a group of delicately arranged petals).So should be your foundation.The coverage could be any, the first layer of application must be sheer and smooth and then the rest follows. The best size of liquid foundation on the back of your hand is the "pea size' or the volume that a small grean pea takes.This is the best measure as you make sure that it doesnt go OTT then.I have never seen someone needing foundation, less than that.

Start the foundation from forehead to chin in the downward order to make your job simpler. Start dotting foundation on the middle of the forehead and blend it upwards and sidewards into the hair line and temples. Then apply on the bridge of the nose and spread sidewards.Dot it on the cheeks and blend it sidewards and downwards in clean strokes.Then some over the lip and under the lip and then at the jaw line. This is the first layer and then other layers follow. Liquid foundations have silicones which layer and glide over each other very well giving your liquid foundation its perfect slip.

Dont hesitate to contour your face if there are certain wrong proportions.It does not have to be conspicuous but does add a modern touch to your makeup.For contouring with a liquid foundation which is the easiest and most controlled form of application, use a foundation shade that is 2 shades darker than your actual skin color as it goes the most natural. A half shade darker color than your complexion adds a touch of warmth to your makeup and you look healthy as opposed to paste-y and cakey.

Before applying liquid foundation or any foundation by the way, dont forget a makeup primer and a nourishing moisturizer underneath.This prevents the foundation from streaking and drying faster.Liquid foundation on application should feel wet otherwise it would not solve the purpose. Liquid foundations that are mattifying dry quickly and look the worst so opt for foundations that are oil free but impart a dewy finish.Your companion Compact Powder is handy so there's nothing to worry.

Liquid Foundations on long wearing tend to seep into pores so dont forget to choose a non-comedogenic formula. Brands like Clinique do make treatment foundations for the concerns of acne, redness and pigmentation and have recieved immense response.Brands like Lancome, Dior, Estee Lauder, Shiseido etc make foundations that go seamlessly on the face and Inglot introduces a foundation hybrid called YSM aka Young Skin makeup for youngsters.


  1. Easy and controlled application
  2. More variety of shades and formulations
  3. Commonest form of foundation in the market.
  4. Creates the "Perfect" flawless base.
  5. Comes with a cocktail of nutritional elements for your skin like vitamins, peptides etc.


  1. You cannot judge the amount of foundation you need until you have really done it for years
  2. Can be expensive than other formulations.
  3. Chances of getting spoilt faster than drier formulations though silicones make the job better.
  4. Chances to melt and seep from your face.

To be continued...............

Till then,



  1. love love love this post. amazing! howz life neeraj? hoping to meet u sometime soon when I come to palladium and by the way read ur other post. is the clinique concealer really good? I was thinking of getting the mac one. plz giv ur opinion. thanks. byeeeee

  2. wow amazing post neeraj :) love the way you explained and the onion part is :D...
    waiting for more such post dear :)

  3. Excellent post!!! I'm a regular reader though a quiet one... so your comment about no comments spurred me to comment. Tks for the post and the others.

  4. Perhaps the reason you're not getting many comments is because for some reason I've not been able to post comments on this blog. :-)

    ANyway... just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your posts and how much I look forward to them. This one, especially, was excellent. (And I hope this comment gets posted.)

  5. informative post

    just followed...

  6. nice post neeraj. I m an oily, and liquid foundation does get tricky for me. but am currently using bourjois liquid foundation. its good.!

  7. very informative post Dr neeraj..thank u

  8. Nice post :), I have never used a foundation.. just the thought that it will make me look unnatural :(.. will look forward for more posts :P


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