Monday, November 15, 2010

My Makeup Class.....Liquid Foundation Part 2

This part of my article is dedicated to girls who need some special attention. Accomplished makeup artists and talented amateurs know the trick of getting a flawless skin without doing too much. But thats not the case here. Women in India (as I have seen) wear a thick layer of foundation to not only cover their facial flaws but also the bits of beautiful skin they have between those flaws. With this kind of makeup one tends to look very cakey and pasty and draws attention to their flaws even more.

No one is born perfect. Its our flaws that make us stand out rather than a conventional beautiful face. But blemishes like acne and pigmentation ruin the beauty of our skin and makes us look older and haggered. This post is all about hiding flaws with liquid foundations and concealers.

Who said only cream foundations and stick foundations gave full coverage. Liquid foundations today do that too and yet help you look flawless as they blend seamlessly into our skins. They contain silicones and a blend of camouflaging materials that are so advanced that they help mimic a flawless skin better than their cream and stick counterparts.

So lets see how it is done:--


Moderately fair girl in teens with pubertal acne in her jaw line and sparsely on her cheeks.

She doesnt need heavy coverage at all. Girls in their teens need breathable makeup that would not clog their pores and something to conceal and prevent those ugly acne marks. In India it is rare for teens to put makeup but in the upclass society and some commoners too prefer wearing makeup without knowing what to do.

This girl does not have concerns on her forehead, under eye area and some parts of the cheeks. Here her skin is clear and dewy. On such areas of the face she can use a breathable foundation like Clinique Superbalanced Makeup (Rs.1550) or Inglot Young Skin Makeup Liquid Foundation (Rs.750) keeping her makeup in these areas dewy and fresh. On the areas where she has acne and acne marks she must use specialised treatment foundations like CLinique Anti-Blemish Foundation (Rs.1600) which not only hides marks but also treats the active acne underneath. I prefer using a small brush like MAC 217 to stipple foundation on those areas that need it than doing it all over. Sometimes for stubborn marks concealers like Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Treatment concealer (Rs.1035) works better too. Give her skin a matte finish using Clinique's Blended Loose Powder (Rs.1600) which is mineral enriched and non comedogenic.

I would not be putting any photos to avoid social violence.


A middle aged woman with beautifully flawless skin but very uneven complexion that has happend due to not using sunscreen and hormonal changes. She has pigmentation on her cheeks and on the chin on the sides of her lips.

I would apply a dewy foundation like Clinique's Even Better Makeup SPF 15 (Rs.1600) over a prepped and primed face. This foundation adds on a seamless veil of color on the face without looking over the top and also helps lighten pigmentation on the course of time. This foundation goes all over the face. Since pigmentation areas look purple I'd correct it by using a golden yellow colored primer like MUFE HD Micro-perfecting primer (Rs.1775) in Yellow. Then apply the Even Better Makeup and use a yellow colored concealer like MAC's Select Moisture Cover (Rs.1000 approx.) for lighter camouflage. End up with some medium coverage compact like Shiseido's Makeup Perfect Smoothing compact Foudations (Rs.2150 approx.), dusting in the areas like T zone and to set the concealer in the pigmented areas.

These are some of the scenarios and there are many more.I would invite my readers' queries, suggestions, individual photos and would be answering them in my future posts.

To be continued.........

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  1. Nice tips! I saw a Lisa Eldridge Video recently - how to do makeup for teenagers with acne. She also suggested pretty much the same prdts & technique as you have in case 1. I am sure lots of ppl will find your advice useful :)

  2. Hi Tanveer......

    I saw Lisa Eldridge video too.It was so inspirational...

    Hope you liked mine too though I have mentioned the products available in India.

    Btw in Case 1 you could also use MUFE HD microperfecting primer in Green to cut down redness.


  3. I don't think anyone has more knowledge on good foundations than you :)... I will def keep your info in mind. I am looking for a good foundation. I am confused between Inglot AMC Cream foundation & MUFE HD.. any suggestions? Thanks :)

  4. hey Neeraj....lovely post...very useful for ppl who fall under the 2categories you've mentioned :)


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