Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Wedding Preps....

Weddings are on and we are off to attend every wedding that we could possibly do. The clothes and accessories match and very smartly we apply blush on the cheeks looking in the car's rearview mirror. And and the photo-session happens with a gorgeous looking bride and never-looked-so-handsome-in-his-liffe groom. And the wedding album is released and there "you" stand looking like a ghost with the most garish blush you've ever seen on yourself.Your eyes look vague and lopsided and your lipstick looks as if it is from the 80s. Please dont take it as a personal attack, take it as a fact.

This scenario may be faced by any woman who hires or does not hire a professional makeup artist during wedding time of some one else.Dont blame the bride as she has to really look amazing in the photos and she is prepping herself for the entire last year. Blame the wedding reception lights that are too strong and penetrating and blame a bit to your makeup skills.

Wedding day makeup is not your day to day makeup which most Indian women hardly do considering the myth that makeup spoils the skin, which is a perception made in our minds by our mothers and is far away from reality. Makeup should be used as a tool to enhance your features and add a touch of glamour on somebody else's wedding day and look subtle and not over the top.

In this article I am going to talk about the Dos and Donts at a wedding reception about your makeup.


  • Do get yourself a nice on-budget facial with some scrub of jojoba microbeads before you start your makeup. This imparts a flawless smooth surface for the foundation and the makeup bases to glide on.If you have too much of flakiness and cellular debris on the face, your skin looks ghostly grey in the photographs inspite of you matching the foundation shade correctly. I recommend Clinique's 7 Day scrub Rs.1390 as it is the gentlest on your face.
  • Do take time to hydrate your skin thoroughly. More the hydration better the skin looks.I like Estee Lauder's Hydracomplete Multi level Moisture Mask Rs.2130 which hydrates your skin deep within.
  • Do use a sheer to medium coverage foundation to look dewy smooth instead of slathering on some heavy duty foundation. You dont want to match your skin with that of the bride. Here are som foundations I'd suggest: -
  1. Clinique Superbalanced Makeup Rs.1550
  2. Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Stay in Place Makeup Rs.2535
  3. Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation Rs.950
  4. Max Factor Second Skin Foundation Rs.870
  5. MAC Face and Body Foundation Rs.1650
  6. Shiseido Advanced Hydro-liquid Compact Rs.1450 (refill)
  7. L'Oreal True Match Foundation Rs.650
  8. Shiseido The Makeup Stick Foundation Rs.1950
  • Do not powder your face until the theme of the wedding is "paranormal" as you'd look ghost like. Plus excess powder likes to sit in the lines and accentuate them. Dust off the excess of powder brush and then dust across the face. Transperent powders like MAC Prep + Prime powder (Rs.1350) , Shiseido Translucent Powder (Rs.1650) or Makeup Forever HD powder (Rs.1250) as they are transperent and mattifying.
  • Do use rich tones in lipstick and eyeshadows and keep your blush very subtle.
  • Do use waterproof mascara that lenghthens and volumizes. I love Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara (Rs.1075) and Max Factor Waterproof False Lash Effect Mascara (Rs. 510). Remember to remove the mascara with a good quality eye makeup remover meant for waterproof makeup.


  • Dont use heavy coverage foundations that can look utterly devastating in front of the camera.
  • Dont line your eyes with heavy kohl as it looks like your eyes are absolutely not there.Kohl should enhance the eyes and not kill the look. I prefer a thin line in the inner rims of lower lids and a darker line on the upper lid. Try L'Oreal Carbon Black lquid liner with Clinique Quickliner for Eyes in Really Black.
  • Dont use very powdery matte blushes or very shimmery products. Try to balance the shine as the wedding lights are very strong. I prefer soft matte blushes from MAC like Melba or Style and soft shimmery blushes from Estee Lauder's Signature BLush collection.
  • Dont match your lipstick exactly with your attire. For eg. No matte dark red lipstick with a rich red sari.Go for a glossier red to look younger and lighter matte brown or bronze to tone down the stark red in the sari.
  • Dont match your eye makeup with your sari but if you are sorely tempted apply a shimmery liner on the upper eyelids which resembles the color of your sari.

I would keep you updated with some classic wedding looks.........

Till then,


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