Friday, January 28, 2011

Essential Brushes.......

With thousands of brands bringing millions of brushes, there is a brush for every occasion and every purpose. But does that mean we need to have all the brushes in the entire world? Ask me as I have been doing this and now I have more than a hundred brushes (of course for professional usage also) which are good companions to get me my job done. Its good to have so many brushes on your table but not wise for all to invest in them. Here are some brushes (prototypes as you can buy yours) which are good enough, multi functional and something that would weigh less for your pockets.

Btw you dont have to buy the same ones.....just get inspired and get what you like. Here are a few images used for representational purposes only...

  1.  Small flat powder brush.......I love this brush against the fluffy brushes for loose powder or compact powder application on the T zone and the sides of the nose. The brush applies powder precisely in the areas where you want the powder  to be and not in the areas where you don't need powder.
  2. Fan essential for dusting shimmer products as highlighters and also applying blushes softly, a fan brush does an amazing job.
  3. Small blush brush...........soft and good enough to apply blush precisely and just where the blush should be.
  4. Angled blush brush..for contouring cheeks to create 3 Dimension
  5. Duo Fibre brush..........a famed brush for giving your makeup an air brushed effect. I dont think this brush should be a must-have.
  6. Synthetic Foundation Brush.................very important as you need foundation to seep into skin. I like to apply foundation with this brush and then blend with fingers for a flawless finish
  7. Stippling Flat top brush ........ to make any product on the face invisible (if you want it to be so). This brush is famous to blend liquids and powders into nothing.
  8. Large paddle powder brush............good for dusting powders on large areas. Good for powder makeup application on the body.

What are the brushes? I am sure there are a group of readers who'd ask me what brand these brushes were, so enlisting them...

  1. NYX Powder Brush
  2. Benefit Cosmetics Fan Brush
  3. Shiseido Blush Brush
  4. Scott Barnes Angled Blush Brush
  5. Sigma Beauty Duo-fiber brush
  6. Christian Dior Foundation Brush
  7. Sigma Beauty Flat top brush
  8. Makeup Forever Powder Brush.

I'd write about the eye brushes in the next post. Do share your brush stash too.....btw these are ideally the brushes that one needs to have as a makeup junkie or a professional makeup artist. For the rest its like a "collector's edition.."

I may shift my blog to my own new site. Working on it so wish me luck.

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