Monday, February 21, 2011

Everyday Makeup

Why is makeup so underestimated in India? Why do we painstakingly apply layers of cream n powder during special occassions to hide our truly beautiful skin? The  air brushed flawless complexion that you see in the glossies is a mixture of the efforts of the makeup artists and the technical team. The question is whether we can do this look for everyday usage or not? I say YES why not?

Every individual is beautiful and does have flaws which makes them beautiful and unique like a strategically placed mole on the face, dimples (yes dimples are flaws in your face) etc. Anyways the idea is to inspire everyone to do makeup everyday. Not that you've to do it reading this article but the benefits of makeup are to be considered too.....
Everyday makeup ...........
  • boosts confidence
  • protects your skin from environmental aggressors by adding an extra layer of protection
  • makes a statement
  • is fun
  • gives you the things that you did not get when born (hahaha)
The question is how to do your makeup everyday without looking made up? There is a perception that makeup spoils skin but the reality is the other way round.
Start with a good moisturizer that has sunscreen. Nothing beats sunscreen based daily moisturizers for acting as a good base or for protection from sun damage. If you are working and want the makeup to stay longer you'd use makeup primers. Primers not only make the makeup last longer but make it stay put in the perfect way it was put earlier. Follow the follwing steps: -
  • Start with a sheer to medium coverage foundation preferably oil free (for dry skins you can use a luxurious day cream underneath). Start from the centre of the face blending outwards and downwards against the facial hair growth. Start with a pea-sized amount and then build up. Even if you have skin concerns do not try to hide them ith a foundation, it looks cakey. Looking cakey is a human error and not a product error. Apply the foundation as a thin layer all over the face or wherever required and head straight for a concealer. Some day wear foundation that I love are Max Factor Xperience Weightless Foundation, Clinique Superbalanced Makeup, Clinique Even Better Makeup SPF15, Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, Estee Lauder Double Wear Light and so many more. Choose the one that fits your budget and your agenda.
  • Dont forget the concealer. Cream concealers are good for stubborn places and liquids good to hide something that is not too stubborn like lighter under eye circles, acne etc. I prefer not using the cream ones as they move on your face or look too patchy. On acne skin, you must read my post on acne makeup.
  • Loose powder is good to set makeup. If you are combination skin you dont have to powder everywhere. Just do it on the T zone and sides of the mouth leaving the cheeks dewy and youthful.
  • Never forget blush. Blushes do enliven the complexion if used in right way. I love peaches, corals, bubbly pinks etc in shimmer and matte textures. The key is to keep it low and fresh and not stark and gaudy.
  • Use liquid highlighter to get a pearlised sheen. It looks young and fresh. You could also use oil free cream ones like Shiseido Accentuating Sticks for highlighting. Layer them with a powder blush for them to stay put better.

  • You dont have to do a full fledged eye makeup for work. Stick to basic colors like beige, chocolate browns, soft charcoal blacks, muted browns, minks etc for eyeshadow colors. Stay away from darker colors if you have under eye circles.
  • Brush and comb your brows everyday.
  • Always use a mascara. It gives you that wide awake look even if you've partied till 3 a.m last night. Love the way mascara transforms you entire look. I prefer black mascaras but brown are in as well for natural flutters. Stay away from colored mascaras as they are not appropriate but go ahead if you want to try them. You can also use clear mascara if you have lots of lashes but I dont advice.
  • Use eyeliners in all the forms. Although stay away from lining your lower lid heavily. It gives you those unflattering Panda like eyes. Use blacks, browns, deep purples, midnight blues and also colored and glittery liners. They cheer you up if your job is too mundane.

  • I hate matte lipsticks for work. They look so stark and horrible. Women tend to look like vampires with those colors on. Instead try for satin or creamy textures. Use lipsticks as stains and top with a lipgloss.
  • Lipglosses wipe 5-10 yrs from your face so dont forget to look younger.

The look is coming soon.......

Till then,



    1. very informative it...thanks

    2. great post neeraj! u have some amazing tips there :)

    3. Gr8 article...though u did not mention ur favorites for loose powder, am looking to buy one...

    4. hi, nice post, could u plz suggest any liquid highlighters. thanks

    5. lovely post as always :)
      will wait for the looks and breakdown :D

    6. You should do a post on stores with the worst service.
      I went to Lancome and Chanel yesterday. It's amazing how different the two were. The Lancome lady was polite but didn't want me to liner in her shop for too long. Chanel on the other hand was funny, interesting, polite and unbelievably helpful. I think I'm going to buy a full-price Mascara there (not wait to get it from Duty Free) only because Chanel is investing in great service.

    7. hi dr glad to follow your blog..i suck at eyeakeup...and thats cause i have terrible dark circles which need concealing...lighter shades make me look funny and darker ones for e/s accentuate my dark circles :(
      whats the best MAC shade i coulsd use??


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