Friday, February 18, 2011

Fantastic Xperiences..............

This experience actually begins with an "X"........yeah..talking about the new foundation by Max Factor called Xperience.......a weightless technology that inspired them so much that they came out with a magnificient mascara (which unfortunately went out of stock) and gloss sticks to get the complete Xperience.
I was uber-excited to go and sample this foundation hearing the innovative technology that Max Factor has always been famous about. First was their Miracle Touch Foundation , then was Age Renew foundation that created a beautiful halo on the face and then was Second Skin Foundation that actually fitted on the skin like a second skin. Every foundation of theirs is like an individual with its own identity. And now is Xperience an altogether different formula that is nothing like what you have seen anywhere.
The gel like formula glides without clogging pores to reveal a radiant complexion without one feeling like they have foundation on. This is truly a different foundation as it feels like your moisturizer but does give coverage.
The formula is oil free and imparts sheer to medium coverage. Luckily MF did make some shades that flatter Indian skin tones but the spectrum is not wide enough. This happens with most of the drug store brands like L'Oreal and Revlon and even Max Factor who are bit sceptical in launching too many sahdes wondering whether people would buy them. And unfortunately a budget minded style conscious Indian woman ends up buying the wrong foundation, looking ghastly and with stays with a hope that some day this brand would make my own skin foundation. As said previously I am a strong believer of the fact that when someone buys a foundation that looks completely natural on them, they would buy the same one again and again till the formula discontinues or gets replaced by something better.
So true.........anyways I am going away from the scope of the post.
What I liked?
  • foundation feels weightless and light on applying
  • has a luxurious feel
  • gives a pretty decent coverage
  • does not go grey or white and blends into nothing
  • something different than your regular foundation
  • can be layered later on during touch ups
  • quite perspiration resistant but no claims made
  • costs half the price of a branded foundation and even less
  • does not clog pores or cause acne (mine didn't)
What I did not like?
  • does not cover imperfections like your regular foundation
  • this is not "the" foundation for uneven skin tones and acne skins but can be fair if you have mastered the art of concealing
  • is not very long wearing and shows signs of weathering within few hours
Btw Max Factor didn't give me a sample or pay me for the review.I purchased the product myself yesterday and am writing an honest review. So dont raise that brow!!
I'd be featuring this foundation in my posts for spring so keep reading..........
Oops I'd left the post half way...............Xperience foundation costs Rs.780 and you may get some discounts in Beauty Centre chains across Mumbai.

It is available in the following shades: -

  1. Light Ivory 40
  2. Raw silk 45
  3. Beige linen 50
  4. Brown Hessian 75
  5. Dark Gypsum 80
  6. Deep Soapstone 85
The last three shades compliment Indian Skin tones.

How to make the foundation long wearing??

I suggest using a makeup primer before you apply foundation for a smooth and long lasting results. Clarins Instant Smooth Perfect Touch, Estee Lauder Makeup Base and Oriflame Giordani Primers are excellent. I also suggest using pressed powders like MAC Studio Fix powder foundation or Clinique Perfectly Real Compact makeup for matte yet glowing finish.

Keep a concealer handy for those problem areas though.

Till then,



  1. i was almost ready to buy it, but since its not long wearing maybe i will have to ditch it

  2. Hi ... I am new to your blog and I am liking it. Nice review and I ll check this one for daily light weight use. How much did it cost ?

  3. dis sounds nice...n wat do u think of d new maxfactor color adapt ??

  4. Neeraj, you write extremely well and are extremely talented, i wish some magazines like Vogue find your writing skills and beauty skills and employ for their fashion makeup segment as editor in write too well.i also like that you put up the prices of each product.really helps to decide about the makeup.there are so many makeup blogs out there but the difference in yours and others is the writing skill and knowledge level.keep it up


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