Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Quick Picks But Not Repented

Its all about the 'impulse' when it comes to makeup shopping. 99 out of 100 times it wrong and we repent. This post is all about that 1 per cent that is right. Yes these are the impulse buys I have never ever regretted. Yes, while purchasing them there were other things that I'd planned but somehow I chucked those or maybe they were out of stock and I bought these and loved it. I'm sure everyone has a story to tell and this is mine. Some of the most impulse-yet-good purchases I never felt sorry for.

1. MAC 217 brush.

I was never fond of this brush and I thought a brush with white bristles would be such a waste as they wouldn't be white any more. Contradictory to this I planned to purchase the thin dome shaped 222 which was out of stock and I bought this as my friend @ MAC suggested so. And then there was no looking back. Its best for everything and I tend to sometimes use this brush on face and lips also.

2. Chanel Tweed blush in Tweed Amber.

 I was carried away with the rave reviews tweed corail and tweed pink had got when they were first launched by Chanel in Oct 08 in India and frustratingly both were out of stock. It pissed me off and I bought tweed amber and its one of the perfect blushes I have. Just the right amount of shimmer and orangey brown makes this blush really versatile in many aspects. Used as a blush for a neutral effect or bronzer when needed, Tweed amber doesn't fail.

3. Givenchy Prisme blush in Euphoric Orange.

 Long story short version. Had saved money for something from YSL and I was irritated due to some undisclosed reasons. Bumped into Givenchy counter and browsed and browsed. At last I found a blush that's all season if worn carefully. A quad blush, its a must have in your kit.

4. Clinique Lash Power mascara.

Working @ Clinique I always feel I should buy something and the urge in me made me buy this last piece left in our inventory. Its the most decent up to the mark mascara in the market. No false claims, no clumps and no under eye staining on washing this mascara is like a dream.

5. Estee Lauder Cyberwhite SPF 50.

 Never thought I'd buy such an expensive sunscreen. But no regrets even after planning a re-purchase

6. Bourjois Healthy mix foundation in shade 56.

 I sometimes apply foundation if I feel low on a day or to look glowing. I had read quite good reviews about Max Factor Second skin foundation (which I eventually had got) but I couldn't help stopping by the Bourjois counter. The ad was catchy and the product is/was/ will bw uber amazing. Definite re-purchase

7. Clinique Blush brush.

 It was the last piece left amongst 12 pieces and I knew it wouldn't be found easily. Bought one and never regretted.

8. Bourjois liners are always a mistake proof impulse purchase.

9. MAC powder blush in Dollymix which I got as the color was very attractive. Its a mantra for rosy healthy cheeks.

And last but not the least,

10. Lancome Color focus quad in Fleur de peau.

The best set of nudes in the cooler tone and the most expensive impulsive purchase.

There are many more and more regrets too but in the next post.

Till then,



  1. Hi..will Bourjois Healthy mix foundation suit very oily skin??

  2. Hi,

    Bourjois Healthy mix is a good foundation for all skin types but since it is hydrating its best for dry and combination skins. You can either use Bourjois Bio-detox foundation (more oil free mineral based) or use a silicone based primer (YSL Matte Touch) and keep a compact powder handy for touch ups (MAC Pressed Powder). Try the mineral foundation from Bourjois instead and also the Healthy Mix Loose powder



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