Friday, July 29, 2011

Beauty Bloggers United

This is an article real different from others. Its more of an idea or an inspiration.

We beauty bloggers in India, do meet at places unfortunately that involves PR and since we have our differences and fights (I don't have with anyone personally and prefer to stay neutral even if people talk s**ttu things behind my back or be jealous) I always feel that the bloggers are not strong.

We have some amazing bloggers, settled and new comers who write or swatch or review products purchased by them or sent to them by PR for reviewing but always maintain a low key.

This message is to all the ladies and guys who are reading this post today about having an ALL INDIA BEAUTY BLOGGER's ASSOCIATION where there could be yearly meetups, registration and invitees for Indian Bloggers both in India and Internationally. This could be a well executed plan where some of the professionals could be invited to give better insights and hands-on practice on makeup application skills and demonstrations. The selected representatives instead of thinking how much they could earn through all this and write hate comments to stop traffic would be more united and firm while resolving their differences. We could have unions and re-unions just the way it happens in the WEST and maybe invite special famous bloggers to India to share their experiences in blogging in the beauty world and all.

This concept of having a Beauty Blogging World was started by famous celebrity makeup artist and brow specialist Elke Von Freudenberg with a vision and her formula worked. If an initiative is taken then this formula could work in India too.

India faces social diseases and epidemics like corruption and terrorism that makes us all diversified and selfish is some or the other ways. The United India which was a long term dream of the well wishers who built free India. This could be their dream come true. Let this not be like hundreds of political parties that we have but be a strong national union that is diversified in the country and in cities.

I must conclude by saying that I have directly or indirectly not accused or targetted any individual or group of bloggers and would love to be a part of the process if someone initiates this.

If you drop by my beauty blog and read this article then I request you to get inspired and inspire others for the same.


Till then,



  1. Im an indian but moved to miami after marriage.. I would love to be a part of this association... Will spread the word on my blog too... this is a great gesture :D

  2. Thank you EVE...Its really amazing to do something like this on national basis. I have so many makeup artist friends who could show us lovely ways of the trade and this is a greay way to update ourselves.

    Thanks for support!!

  3. me agree totally neeraj..will spread the world!

  4. This is awesome Neeraj :D and i remember you have mentioned this long back , i will def. try and make my friends part of this and would love to take this initiative to next level.
    You are an amazing person and I dont think anyone would hurt you as you are the one who keeps his dignity .
    Thank you so much for this wonderful association .

  5. Good to know........Lets get united. We may change the world by a minuscle...haha


  6. I'm just starting out with blogging, infact wrote my first post today, but this is so inspiring and definitely something bloggers in India should pursue.

  7. I agree..would love something like that :)

  8. It will be a great thing to unite as bloggers and not just as business people. Blogging is not just a business but a passion or a hobby too. In US, bloggers are united on such a large scale that they even have national conferences and can even go on cruises together.Great thought!


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