Friday, July 15, 2011

Featuring RED LIPS

Every brand makes a statement by having a classy red lipstick. This red lipstick could be with blue undertones or yellow undertones but there are reds with purple and orange undertones too. Its not about selecting the right red for your skin as I believe its not an easy job, its about altering your red lipstick and applying it in different ways to customize your looks according to the mood and occassion.

The classic red lips is re-interpretated again and again but it doesnt seem interesting any more as we tend to read the same stuff over time. Once while I was trying some reds on my friends I realised it was time when we shifted from reds by creating eye catching highlights and breathtaking gorgeous low lights to add some fun in the classic red lip.Here's what I did: -


  1. It may sound a bit complex but it can do amazing results if done with caution and do this only if you are open to experiments and keen to try something new. Apply a bright fuschia lipstick in the centre of the mouth. Blend it in with fingers to push the color into lips. Apply a plum lipstick on the corners of the lips and then blend the plum and pink together. Now take your favorite classy red lipstick and with your fingers or using a lipstick brush dab it over these two colors. It creates a lovely gradation of color giving you very unique looking lips.
  2. Use lip stains like Benetint to get the bitten-lip effect. Then top it with a matte red lipstick by dabbing it from the centres towards the corners of the lips. Trace a lip liner in the same color or a bit nude-r. Blot all this with tissue and top it with a transperent shimmery gloss. The effect is mesmerizing.
  3. Some beautiful-in-the-bullet red colors look disastrous on lips. This is one of the ways to not let your red lipstick go waste. Start creating highlights and lowlights. For low lights begin with a matte lipstick in a color darker than your classy red. It could be a maroon, plum, violet, brown, chestnut, honey or even a black. Layering your lipstick over this color can alter the effect and you can get your desired lips. How to layer the lipstick is using a brush or fingers. I'd not advice putting it directly on your lips from the bullet.
  4. Reds are for everyone. Fair skin can opt for blue based reds or hotter oranges which are a rage this season. Medium skins should go for yellow based reds. Olive skins should try out tomato reds, chilly reds or cinnamon colors while dark skins should try maroons and plums and also bright reds in glossy versions. Please do not refrain yourself from this list. You can wear any red as you like and as you can carry it comfortably.


  1. Use red lipstick as a beautiful stain on the cheeks and lips. Such multi purpose combinations are available with Shiseido, Benefit, Stila and Josie Maran cosmetics. Just rub on the lipstick till all of it just disappears creating a stained effect. It looks quite appealing in the day but I'd advice to do it with medium to fuller lips and not with thinner lips.
  2. For thinner lips try using lipsglosses in a red base. Although I like shiny ones you can also try shimmery ones and MAC makes some of the most amazing array of colors although some of them were limited editions.
  3. Classic red lips should look very defined and sculpted. I don't fully support this concept. You can smudge and do whatever you want to look modern.


If you are as bold as Christian Dior or Jean Paul Gaultier, a sexy smoky eye with red lips will give you that vintage appeal. But its just not everyone's taste (unfortunately) so you can skin heavy eye makeup and opt for a shimmery nude pale eyeshadow, maybe a classic cat eye liner with wings, lots of mascara on the top lashes, beige-y pencil in the inner rims and a flush of pink blush. With blushes one must match the shade with the lipstick so that you dont looks stupid.

Couple a matte red with bronzer to get that D-squared effect which looks too sizzling and sultry. If you are wearing spectacles do use shimmers on eyes and try the bold red statement.


Its a very doubtful concept so this is totally my opinion. If you have yellow teeth avoid warm reds and also oranges and go for pinks and blue based reds. If you have bad crops of pimples, I wouldnt say dont use reds, just hide your acne strategically and use them.Btw if you have an allergy to reds do not use them as there are poeple who could be allergic to the red pigment.


Minimum 2 colors........a blue based red and a yellow based red that flatters your complexion and your lifestyle well.

Hope you liked this post. I know I havent recommended any red lipsticks in this post. I give it to you as a homework.

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  1. this is a GREAT post. so many people need to know these tips. and it's great because red lipstick is such a great look on so many people! thanks SO much for posting this! and if you get the chance to check out my blog i would love to see what your opinions are on it. i'm makeing the transition from lifestyle to beauty, i would really appreciate your two cents on it. :)

    follow me?

  2. thanks a lot. do give me ur feedback. luv ur blog too



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