Saturday, July 23, 2011

Modern Touches!!!

Do you love your skin?
How often do you touch your skin (face)?
How often do you end up doing your makeup touch up?

India has certain climates that are so anti-makeup. Looking afresh in such environments needs a lot of dedication and lots of products that are water resistant. This post is about makeup modernism!! How modern and minimal your makeup can be. And how you need to plan your purchases so that your makeup budget doesnt go haywire.


Modern makeup is about makeup and touch ups!! You do need products to do that but you also need to choose correctly. First of all invest in a custom-fitted skin care regimen. It can be anything but see that it suits your skin and also goes with the climate you stay in. I prefer choosing oil free, hydrating products and also a bit of skin lightening and brightening agents. Start anti-ageing care in 30s and 40s and do not skip sunscreen.

If you are a boudoir-kind of person then its tremendously recommended to have an entire wardrobe of makeup products that make you feel special (even though they are items of luxury) but if you are on-the-go person with very less time for makeup then choose carefully and wisely.

I have friends who have tonnes of unused makeup that is just disposed of because it was not used. For eg. a bright turquoise eyeshadow bought at MAC store since it was a limited edition and now she doesn't even know where she kept it. I dont mean to say dont buy it but think twice whether you'd use it or not.

Invest in a good quality tinted moisturizer if you have a flawless skin. Its all time and all season favorite and hydrates and protects. For foundations the hunt is never over, so choose a foundation that matches your lifestyle and skin type. A concealer is a must, so see whether you need one to hide spots or one to brighten under eye circles. Invest in a loose translucent powder and a compact powder for touch ups. Now these products are for boudoir type women.
For women on the go, invest in a foundation stick that does everything from concealer to powder to foundation all in one. And then invest in a compact for touch-ups and you are done for the rest of the day.


There are millions of colors out there and if you are a boudoir type go ahead and buy all that you like. For WOTG (Woman on the GO) buy an eye brow gel, lengthening or volumising water resistant mascara, a neutral eye shadow palette and one good quality eye pencil in black. Thats all, trust me your kit will be set. For a playful party time throw in a glittery or dramatic liquid eye liner.


For boudoir woman, more is less so invest in amazing pinks, peaches etc. For WOTG go for easy shortcuts and blush-bronzer palettes. They also can be used as eyeshadows so go ahead and own one. Plum and peach blush never fails or goes wrong so you should have one of these shades as your favorite blusher.


Have 4 lipsticks and 2 glosses for a WOTG. The lipstick colors should be a classy red, soft brown, plum and mid tone orangey brown. Thats all, they are good for any occassion and any party time if you want to change quickly. For lipglosses own a pink shimmery one and peachy-orange shimmery one to change the mood of any listick that you are wearing. WOTGs please go and buy lipstick palettes and gift sets as they contain amazing travel friendly stuff. If you like just one lipstick then dont buy it again otherwise you would just have a mundane routine.

You can change whatever you like but always plan and buy your makeup as its really bad for your makeup to lie at the bottom of your drawer. Cravings to happen but then have a heart and gift your friends too.

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  1. Always a pleasure to read your work!!! :D

  2. This was a nice article.. I enjoyed reading it :)

  3. @Eve and @ Tanveer.

    So nice to hear from you.Good you liked the article.I am going to write a lot of recommendations now a days to make makeup shopping easy to women on the go. Its not to create a style statement but be comfortable in what you have and most importantly satisfied.

  4. I think I have lernt the hard way of picking up stuff after giving it a thought. Earlier I used to buy things without thinking and they used to be lying in my drawers for months and months. Not good. Have controlled a lot in that area but sometimes it gets difficult to control.

    Palettes are really good way of using up stuff. I mean you see so many options in one go and you intentionally or non intentionally use the stuff. Planning to invest in a blush palette soon and would depot my blushes then.

    Very very good write up! :)


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