Monday, July 25, 2011


Dont think its a spelling mistake, nakeup means nude makeup (a term coined by me to avoid any sort of nudity LOL). Well this is my own creation and I hope you like the pic.

You can read of what is being used. The Stila One Step foundation from is all in one with primer, concealer, foundation and powder so a very very thin layer is all you need to apply. The Inglot eyeshadow I mentioned cannot be named as I stuck it to a palette and forgot the number and I dont want to ruin it. Its an orange-y gold.

For the mascara, apply one single coat from the roots to tips and then keep on building the mascara in layers at the lash roots till you get those spidery lashes, a trick told by Pat McGrath in her latest Dolce & Gabbana show.

This is a uncomplicated look and can be don anywhere and yet you'll get accolades.
More to come so please tell me whether you guys liked it or not.

Till then,


PS: - Its one of my random self descript picture post, a concept that I hate as I cannot type much.


  1. wow! love it! especially the mascara, it really does curl huh.....great! keep more looks coming

  2. Hi Anju,

    Its one of the best curling mascaras available.Shall write a post on how to get amazingly curled lashes soon....

    Please also check my another blog,

  3. Wow! I cant stop staring, your eyelashes look amazing. Please do that post on curling eyelashes soon. All I do is, I heat my eyelash curler with my blow dryer and curl starting at the base of my lashes, but never in a million years would I get them as curled as yours!!!


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