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Newly found freshness................

I love to experiment with makeup and generally I end up doing looks that are seasonal, innovative and also user friendly so that these steps you can do at home, achieve your desired look and most importantly get your agenda sorted. With makeup its all about enhancements and accentuating and one must love to embrace and invent your onw style.

This article is all about natural makeup. Enhancing your features subtly. No piling of makeup, no looking caked up and no OTT style. Modern Indian Woman is a fresh flawless lady who hides her imperfections and reveals her radiant beauty. You dont have to be demotivated looking at your skin. Its the positive attitude of yours that reflects onto your skin and there's nothing like it to give you the inner glow (though you have to cheat sometimes to get that glow.)

These are the following steps to follow: -


Beauty begins from a good skin care regimen. This regimen is not bound by costly expensive rosy smelling products. Its something that anyone can afford. Btw skin care is an investment where you see the returns that you get, so invest wisely and open the doors for a flawless radiant skin. The key is "exfoliation" in a right way. That doesnt mean you must go under a machine or scrub till you bleed. Appropriate exfoliation can do wonders to any skin type. Just sweep away those dull looking flakes on your skin surface, we dont need them as they mask our glowing beauty inside. Use exfoliating mask + scrub combinations if you already have a smooth skin like Clinique Turnaround Instant Facial INR 2525, its an instant radiance and smooth skin with benefits of dermatological procedures like microdermabrasion. Also one should start with under eye creams pronto as we age the eye area shows the first signs of fatigue, stress and sleeplessness. There's nothing like the perfect moisturizer for your skin type and a sunscreen is as important as drinking water in the day.


Getting the makeup base right. Silicones make your skin smooth and supple but sometimes we dont need silicones as they can cause allergy. How do you come to know? You get breakouts with a foundation that you used and your skin gets terribly bad. Thats a way to judge or in case you want to play safe look for labels like "sheer coverage","non comedogenic", "breathable" etc on the label. Use primers as they help you get your desired look stay put for a longer time. I like primers with nourishing properties and also that are infused with botanicals, vitamins and shimmering particles to give you an amazing glow. These primers have mainly "mica" that imparts a dewy radiance. You can also mix primer to your foundation to thin it down and then apply. Some heavenly primers in the market are from Guerlain, Shiseido, Clarins, Estee Lauder, Dior, Smashbox and MAC.


Flawless veil of color or the second skin effect is what we want to achieve. Use a stippling brush and apply a smidgen of foundation all over your face. fingers such build up the product although I like using fingers as the heat in them keeps the foundation melted giving it time to spread before it dries and sets. I know everyone is not blessed with flawless skin but please dont use foundation as a crutch to hide the skin concerns. Let concealer do its job. Dab and pat to do spot concealing, use it on pigmentation areas but let your skin see through for dewy freshness. Select foundations with sheer to medium buildable coverage or take a full coverage HD foundation and mix it with your favorite primer or oil free moisturizer and spread it as fast as lightning. Caking up makeup is a subjective mistake so dont blame the products. Use mineral based loose powder for transperent setting of foundation, concealer and all the art work you have done. Strategic application of loose powder prevents the worst of makeup boo-boos. Take a small blush brush to blend loose powder on the T zone, cheek hollows, sides of the nose, under eye area and jawline while keeping the apples of cheeks moist and dewy (not if you have acne).


Learn the art of using cheek stains and cream blushes. If you have an extremely oily skin use a cheek stain and if its dry using a luxurious cream blush. These impart the most natural looking glow though finely milled powder blushes like the ones from Stila and MAC help you get the same glow in a smarter way. The three key words and blend, blend and blend. For cream blushes start with apples of cheeks dabbing it upwards and sidewards towards the temples and the blend the boundaries of the cream blush and diffuse them into the skin. Layer if you want but donot apply a cream blush in one stroke until you are dressing up for a costume party. I love the MAC CCB's for drier skins, Shiseido Accentuating Sticks for Oilier skins and of course the classic Body shop Lip and Cheek Stains.


Natural makeup is the opposite of elaborate eyes. Trace an eye pencil in brown or plum color to darken the lash roots, Sweep some lengthening or lash conditioning mascara and dust some really flesh colored eyeshadow in soft shimmers. I love the MAC eyeshadow All that Glitters and Clinique Eyeshadow in Toasted Almond. Nothing much to do in eye makeup. Do keep the unruly hair of your brows set with a MAC brow gel.


Lips are natural and nude. The best color you must opt for is a sheer rose colored gloss or light beige-brown gloss. Now if you can find the perfect nude for your complexion, do what is the most famous thing on runways.............apply a smidgen of foundation on your lips and then just add a slick of clear gloss, you'll get your desired rose color.

6 steps to natural makeup is the easiest way to achieve a natural, no-makeup look..Beagn with the briefing and now the looks follow soon.

Till then,


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  1. wow! neeraj, this is such an awesome post. loved reading it. hope u r doing good. take care :)


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