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The colors that I have used in this tutorial are so vivid and playful that I couldnt think of a name to describe them. Do play with colors, they can enliven a boring outfit, create a statement and keep you remembered by your friends for that bolder personality of yours.

Applying makeup is not just a simple regular process. Everyday is a new experience and the colors you wear spell your personality emotionally. Makeup is a wonderful stress buster and who doesn't want one in real life.
Its very important to try such look at home first and keep photographs to replicate them.I feel if you find these colors too many which they are, you can opt for any three colors and create a masterpiece.

So let's move on with the look.


Face is relatively matte as you don't want everything to shine on your face all of a sudden. Over a moisturizer and sunscreen apply Clinique Even Better Makeup SPF 15 foundation, conceal the problems with MAC Moisture Cover concealer for under eyes and some spot concealing if required using MAC Studio Fix concealer. Set with Clinique Blended Loose Powder. On cheeks, slightly dust MAC Dollymix followed by a silvery pink highlighter from the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Rose.


Keeps the lips colorful but glossy. I liked Shiseido Lip gloss in Chianti Rose but you can opt for brighter and neon pink glosses if you like.


Let me first describe the eyeshadows used. The numbers also signify the steps in which these colors were used so it would be easier to understand.

1. MAC Sweet and Punchy in the inner corners.
2. MAC Birds and  Berries
3. Please find Birds and Berries in between 1 & 4 on the lower lid and of course the outer corners of the eyes as well.
4. Clarins Thunder Grey very lightly dusted for a defined effect but kept soft and hazy.
5. Clinique Quickliner for Eyes in Really Black blended on the outer corners into the shadow and also on the upper lid just at the lash line.
6. Highlight with Stila eyeshadow in Kitten (its a universally flattering highlighter and goes well on any and every skin type, exclusively available at
7. MAC Dame's Desire, an absolutely stunning frost lavender applied as mid tone eyeshadow.

For lashes I used my all time favorite Bourjois Volumizer mascara and the brows were simply combed with a spoolie brush.

Its an absolute burst of colors but you can tone down your look with appropriate measures for any occasion. This is a simple look and I really loved doing it (actually practicing it).

I hope you love these looks as I have been daring enough to put them on a public site like this. Though I prefer to put just the eyes instead of an entire face. Please support the blog and let me know how you feel doing this look on yourself.

Till then,



  1. wowwww- it is giving a lovely 3d effect on the eyes :)

  2. Another great look!. The color placement is just fabulous, I would've never picked these colors together for a look!

  3. this is AWESOME Neeraj :D :D everything is so perfect and i wonder if i would be able to do this :D :D thanks again for lovely tut.

  4. i picked the Bourjois Volumizer Mascara today
    its the one with 2 steps right ??

  5. dats a frigginnn amazinggg eyemakeup!!!! so interesting and beauuuuutifull!! i cant stop staring...
    amazing combo!!! ur tooo goood!!

  6. hey dr neeraj!this looks cant so this at all:(......too good ...loved the play of colors!
    I have the volumizer and love it !!!

  7. Thanks all for liking the look.Its not difficult.I will surely share the brushes that one must use to get these blended results. Please do keep reading.Ciao


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