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Wake Up Eyes PART 2

I always decide to do a Part 2 version as the post gets so long and then it may become a bit cumbersome to read. Wake up eyes is not a daily phenomenon apart from the skin care part. But its interesting and playful and the results are really fine provided there is not much of work to do.

While perusing through my previous posts and thanks to an avid reader to comment on such an old post I thought I must again link this post to the article. It called " Concealing is Revealing". I never thought I would write so good those days than the way I write, one of the reasons was I wasn't working anywhere and freelancing. BTW if you suffer from chronic redness in the eyes consult an ophthalmologist for some medicines to do the same. The "artificial tear "eye drops or Hypromellose is such an amazing rejuvenating product for concerns of dry eyes but must be used with doctor's recommendation. One can try i-tone or i-kool eye drops from the over the counter but not more than twice a day, as they are not for treatment of the condition but to soothe tired eyes and should not be a habit.

Anyways, moving ahead with some iconic makeup products that I came across while browsing through beauty counters and websites (also a part of beauty travelling.)

  1. Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes in Champagne 23 L, a champagne liner also brightens up the eye area if applied in the inner rims as well as in the inner corners. It instantly awakens tired red eyes.
  2. Stila Kajal Liner in Topaz which is described as Apricot Nude on but is actually a peachy eye pencil. Ladies in India can buy this from
  3. Stila's Smudge Pot in Kitten, a regularly launched limited edition product which is liner and eyeshadow in one and is the most flattering shimmer. I do use the Kitten eyeshadow from Stila all the time as it makes very good highlighter.
  4. Smashbox Photo-op eye brightener, is the nude accent that has subtle shimmer to awaken tired eyes and also botanicals to soothe the eye area. They have eye pencil called  Eye Beam which does a good job but the colors are more towards the pink side and can look a bit funny on application. Smashbox Artificial Light Inner corner highlighter is an excellent product too but I always feel it could get over done due to the amount of product deposited at a time. Its difficult to clean than putting Artificial Light.
  5. Givenchy Magic Kohl eye liner in Beige, which I think was limited edition and was a very good eye brightening pencil. Since I found out about that I would use it wisely and carefully.
  6. Benefit makes couple of product worth trying like Erase Paste (a creamy peach toned concealer), Eye bright, Ooh la la lift and Powderflage, the under eye concealer powder with light reflecting pigments.You can purchase on or
  7. Bobbi Brown introduced correctors to be used under concealers wherever needed and the effect it amazing if you have hit the target rightly. Correct only where needed and then conceal is Bobbi's rule for picture perfect perky peepers.
  8. Lancome Teint Miracle Instant Retouche pen for light from within effect and fresh dewy glow on the face and under eyes.
  9. MAC NC30/NW25 eye pencil from their limited Pret-a-papier collection. I mentioned it wrongly in my comments by mistake. Good product and really fleshy but I have no idea whether its available now a days.
  10. Lancome has also started creating light reflecting products and Lancome Miracle Retouche is an excellent example. Its very light reflecting though so I advice to use it over a concealer as the base. And Clarins got their version of light reflecting concealers too but have golden as opposed to silvery pink particles and very suitable for warmer skins.
  11. Clinique makes lovely Air Brush concealers which are the right mix of concealer and eye brighteners and looks fabulous when applied in the under eye area. If you find the color too light for your skin I would advice applying the air brush concealer in the inner corners of the eyes and then topping it with your favorite concealer.

Its all about trying things and then when you hit the right one, use it just the way you like it!!

I would appreciate if anyone would be interested to post their before and after makeups.

Till then,


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