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Wake up Eyes!!

Anything done late night can be troublesome. I mean parties, weddings and their preparations, fashion shows etc and some unavoidable circumstances and all; can take a heavy toll on your skin. This is because the skin is the mirror of the body.

Taking such a stress can cause lots of things, like eruption of blemishes (if the stomach and liver is gone for a toss) or dark circles and under eye bags (due to sluggish circulation) which can definitely create havoc in your skin's life (Its an organ that has its own thinking system and believes in inputs and outputs.) This happens in the eye area as it is the most sensitive area of the body and also the thinnest.
( Illustration purpose only)
This article is about waking up tired eyes. Tired eyes can be red and watery whereas the under eye area is usually dark and puffy. In the market are products that help you instantly wake your eyes and give fantastic results and that what this post is about. Its about certain skin care and makeup techniques to flush out toxins and lymphatic pooling and look well rested the next day even if you are dying (exaggeration) from inside.

We begin with skin care,

This image shows arrow of massaging for lymphatic drainage
  • to awaken tired eyes there can be home remedies like putting cucumber, cold tea bags, cold potato juice, cold spoons and all and it works seeing the gravity of the situation.
  • under eye cream enriched with caffeine and under eye serums work the best to give your under eye area an uplifted look. I love the duo of Clinique All About Eyes under eye cream (which recently won the Vogue Beauty Award) and Clinique About Eyes Serum known for that amazing cocktail of soothing botanicals and the roller massager. Garnier Roll on is good too and well in the budget. There are other eye revitalizers and you can use whatever suits you. Its the technique of using it that matters and here is what I am going to speak about. 
  • under eye area being delicate, even the slightest touch can create changes. I would advice to wash your face in the morning with cold tap water (whatever comes out of your tap and is not freezing cold). Then apply your favorite moisturizer (preferably without a sunscreen which you must layer after wards) in dabbing motions on your face so that the product is pushed into your skin and not hands. Then scoop up a small dollop of your under eye cream (preferably water and thin and if possible refridgerated) and spread in the under eye area. Beginning from the inner corners to the outer corners with tapping motions push the eye cream inside and lie down for 5 mins if possible. While lying down with gentle outward strokes try to drain the lymphatics and try to reduce puffiness.


This is my favorite part. Products available in the market have high claims which may not make them good but simple makeup tricks can create wonders.


Lavender colored face primers available in brands like MUFE and Smashbox cosmetics are very good color correctors for brightening the skin. Stila (available at makes some lovely all in one color correcting primer.
The idea is to use a minuscle of this primer over the entire face and blending the remaining part in the eye area as it could emphasize under eye circles.


I prefer foundations with a bit of light reflecting particles that could impart a dewy finish. The topmost on my list is Clinique Super moisture makeup for dry skins and Guerlain Parure Gold foundation for combination skins while Clarins True Radiance Foundation is all skin types. If you have an oily and blemished skin stay away from these foundations but you can use them to brighten up the good skin that is there on your face keeping the rest of the skin matte.


Use a Lavender corrector just in the inner corners of eyes to awaken the skin and remember to keep it there itself. Light reflecting concealers like YSL Touche Eclat, Clinique Airbrush concealer, Dior Diorflash, Lancome Miracle pen etc. are some of the concealers available to give a brighter effect. They must be used in caution because over use can make your under eye ghostly white or what is "reverse panda syndrome" like effect with ghastly white circles around eyes. Opt for concealers with treatment properties and botanicals to soothe and moisturize the under eye area.

Stay away from drying creamy concealers as they would just make the effect worsened. The word of caution is "less is more" and do not pile products as they can just accentuate the tiredness instead of awakening the eye area.


Use white eye pencil only if you are too fair and pale. Otherwise you would see an alien in the mirror. I prefer beige or peach colored pencils with a bit of light reflecting properties so that eyes look wide open and awake. 
Strategically use shimmers to highlight the brow bone and inner corners. Apply liner on the upper lash lines only and use a volumising mascara and I love the Clinique High Impact Curling mascara for the same.


Keep your blush very simple in light bronze with subtle peach or pink hints or go for skin brightening blushes in vivid shades but stay away from over doing and also stay away from using dark blush colors. Keep lips simple and glossy and fresh looking.

(model Chanel Iman looks so fresh and dewy skinned, all due to the wonders of makeup)

Hope you find this article interesting. More makeup tips and looks to come in this section so stay tuned.


  1. the mascara is AWESOME Neeraj .... i have to try the techniques you mentioned ... :D :D

  2. Hi Rashmi,

    Thanks you liked it as I got inspired to write this post from my personal experiences (of course I didnt go out with the eyeshadow)

    Try the lavender concealer technique for fantastic results. The Benefit pencil that u have is very good.


  3. which beige colored pencil u use ??

  4. HI Bhumika,

    I use the MAC Nc40 pencil though it was a limited edition they still have some stock. yOu can use pencils from Bourjois also as they have a beigey color............

  5. Great post Dr. Neeraj. I must get YSL's Touch Eclat now. Do we have counter or store in Mumbai?

  6. Thanks Eesha,
    YSL touche eclat is available in Inorbit Malad, Pantaloons in Lower parel and Shoppers stop of Juhu. They have launched new shades coverage a wide spectrum of skin colors, so go ahead and buy yours. Btw the Eve Pearl concealer makes me feel so proud of u!!
    Good day!!

  7. Oh thank you! I actually bought on recommendation of my favorite YT guru Marlena of MakeupGeek. I saw her using it several times and bought it from EP's website.
    I really love this concealer as it doesn't get settled in the fine lines, glides smoothly and gives a nice coverage. :)

  8. 've tried a lot of skin and eye care products that I based on different skin care reviews. Their results never fail to satisfy and give my skin a youthful glow.

  9. Tired eyes and eye dark circles are the most common problems faced by women (especially those who are always on the go). And to be quite honest, I am one of these women. Your tips came in super handy for me. laservelvet


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