Saturday, August 6, 2011

Beauty Crutches

I had a bit of hard time writing this, but this is a harsh reality we face as human beings, individually and socially. One thing that is an important in the existence of "life" is PAIN. The sensation of pain is connected to different circuits in the brain and its the most important sensation as it invokes, incites, induces, incorporates certain drastic measures to either get rid of it or learn to be with it physically and emotionally.

Small disclaimer: the contents of this article are not copied from any book and come from within the writer's mind. Any resemblance to this article is purely coincidental so please don't brag and live a life!!

On one side of pain, is enthusiasm, passion, motivational drive, confidence which is the brighter side. On the other side is fear, anxiety, negativity, demotivation, lack of self esteem and vulnerability, the dimmer side. Unfortunately we see ourselves most of the times on the other side.

Your question is, why am I writing this jargon on my "beauty" blog. Because on the other side of the beauty world is the uglier world of pain, broken hearts and deprivation. Let me unfold the topic better.

Pain is something we don't see or learn to see until we have some sorts of experiences and visual representations in our life. We when cheerful always wonder why that girl/boy over there is so pathetic (we end up calling them geeky in some glorified accent). I must highlight that like alcoholism, "happiness" can be delusional. When we are happy we tend to ignore the pain the other world goes through. But the happiness we get from pain is something that is contagious and we yearn to spread it.

Am I a makeup artist or philosopher? I am both as I love the spiritual and healing aspect of the makeup and skin care. I like and love when people smile at my job, when they see what's happening to them and what's turning them into their better side. Btw I am not here to talk about the pain I go or a MUA goes professionally and its really to do with being in the right place at right time.

Let's see some "beauty pains" that we go through that cause a dent in our morale and self esteem.

1. The first one is the "pain of appearance". We are not happy with what we look and its so common for everyone to feel so. Then we decide one day and hunt for things that will soothe our pain. Since I am not marketing any products here, no suggestions would be given on that.

The BDD or body dysmorphic disorder is not the discussion here coz BDD's are already good looking and self obsessed. Here it is about an acne covered face, gorgeous skin on the whole but just too many acne that draw attention to the worse side. Also about a skin that gets red and redder with reactions and all. Its may seem petty in. Front of the global problems we are facing but I believe this is one of the grass root causes of problems.

Our "mirror" doesn't lie to us. Its shows us how we are just the way we are and after our mind, its a simple mirror that we cannot cheat. 

2. The pain of comparison, actually relates to how dejected we get in life when we don't have what we want. This is a reason we seek helps from a surgeon for so many things that we want to modify and things that god forgot to give us. The pain is due to the fact we want to be someone else and what we look at is the physical appearance. In the mortal world, physical appearance is the most important comparison rather than your stature, qualification or talent and that's the way people judge you. World fails to see a blooming flower at the gate of a garden while they run looking for a bright flower just emerging out through a fenced and protected rare shrub.

3. The pain of inadequacy, when you see some one doing well or getting pangs of jealousy or guilt when we cannot own something that is other's mere possession. I hate to say but everyone has this too. I don't possess something as long as I don't need it but I would not buy it just because my friend has it, our needs could be different. Also about buying drugstore vs high end brands, I would buy what my pocket permits or I would wait till my pocket fills up enough. Inadequacy is a hunger, craving that is insatiable and uncontrollable.

4. The pain of ageing without grace. A lady cannot get of her mind what she was when 18 and even at 45 does the same makeup that she did those days. Bright colors and chalky lipsticks. Grandmoms apply their rouge the same way they did in the 80s and so on. Unacceptance and false perceptions can end up making you a laughing stock so subtle nuances can make exponential differences. Please go under the knife for some itsy bitsy nip tuck, if you can afford and are aware of the risks. It would be a stupidity if you feel guilty about it later on.

5. The pain of intolerance, I have seen this the most when some people are successful and there are others who try to pull them down due to intimidation. So sorry but this is everywhere and unending.

6. The pain of unacceptance, sorely happens when we look at ourselves and feel that we don't belong here. You must learn to be happy in your own skin and not happy in your skin disease. Walk proudly but not because you grow a crop of fresh acne every 2 days but because you cured your skin so that it could see the brighter world. 

Last but not the least is the pain of rejection, when it happens that some product that suits some one so well does not suit me. Here's what I feel when I look at a model with lustrous skin donning a hoarding and feel bad because I cannot have it. Rejection and dejection also comes when someone sees a fantastic response to their "blog" and someone doesn't. I believe its about working on our passions and being contented in what we are and what we have. Giving up or surrendering shouldn't even be your last priority.

These pains, we may not heard but its not like they aren't heard of; we may not see but not like they haven't been noticed and we may not speak but they are always talked through experience. We must learn and teach ourselves to come out of it or the outcome is not good. Pain can be modified into desires and be fulfilled but don't keep sky as the limit as its even painful reaching there. Pushing boundaries is good but overachievement cane be deceitful.

At an instance you may feel lost reading this article as it goes nowhere. But this is how it is to define order over a universal chaos.

We must look again in the mirror and see if this is happening to us. Learning to give and forgive brings us more love and gratitude than feeling jealous and depriving and inhibiting someone from something. This world is too dynamic for all the bad things to stay longer while the good things could waver. 

Beauty comes with all facets, good ones and bad ones. The beauty world is all about the idea of looking good but isn't it just superficial and materialistic? For me looking beautiful is all about the inner well being which reflects on your face. Give it a thought!! Do you take the "inner beauty" in this way or just blabber about it being skin deep.

To sum up, I had read these lines in Rihanna's remixed song on youtube, let me confess that they are not mine.  " We fight for outer freedom but we crave for the inner freedom. With outer freedom we see ourselves ruling seven corners of the world, but with inner freedom we see our soul.  


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