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Blush Essentials.......

Blush is one of the most used products in the fashion industry after an eye lash curler and mascara. You may not believe it, but its true................
The more we talk about a blush the more questions and dilemmas arise. I have written so many posts about blushes and all,yet the topic remains so incomplete and inadequate. Blush is all about the natural flush, and you must love to sport it. Here I would be talking about powder blushes (no bronzers or highlighting powders), specifically as they are most often bought and available in many brands.

Blush is used to mimic healthy flush aka a gush of blood under your cheek apples that makes your skin flushed, especially after an exercise or in an embarrassing situation.


  • First see your skin color and skin type. If you have a lighter skin, a light blush is way better than a dark one and vice versa. But this is not always true as there are exceptions. Any blush is good as long as it does not look garish and matches your skin tone. 
  • If there's a blush which is totally contrasting to your skin tone, it pops up and brightens up your face immediately. For eg. if you have yellow undertones and you apply a shocking pink blush, it looks more dramatic and intense compared to what it would look over pink undertoned skin.
  • Always buy blushes considering 3 families, pink, orange and browns. Blushes in frosts may look flattering but can accentuate skin problems if you have any, so opt for satins, soft shimmers or matte blushes.
  • Invest in a branded one as their shimmers are soft and do not look garish. Opt for palettes as the color choices, though we may not like some colors are many and you can sport many looks by mixing and matching.


  • Please throw away the applicator that comes with the blush compact case. They are so not good. Btw the natural hair ones can be used as brushes for travelling so if you are buying from Chanel, Shiseido, Dior or Clinique then you may retain the brush.
  • Powder blushes look very flattering when applied on cheek apples after a wide smile. The idea is to have a blush brush that exactly fits on your cheek apples. Thence everyone may need their individual blush brush. For eg. if you have small cheek apples, try the Clarins Blush Brush, for medium ones; Shiseido Blush brush is good (not tried the MAC ones) and for large cheek apples, opt for Clinique's Blush brush.
  • For ladies with larger cheeks. you can apply your favorite blusher on the cheek apples but blend it diagonally upwards towards the temples to give the face a mini-face lift. 
  • For darker blushes, dust them as sheer as possible and then build up color. I love Smashbox cosmetics' fan brush, as it has the perfect shape to blend blush inconspicuously on face. I dont recommend very dark and pigmented blushes as I find them looking like bruises, but if you have a skin that can flaunt them, then go ahead and use.


  • This is one of the most important aspects of this article. As we all know how to apply powder blushes, these are few tips to refrain your blush and per se entire makeup from looking patchy (as the day progresses.)
  • Always always always powder your face with a sheer translucent powder before you apply your powder blush. In case the foundation hasn't dried up or your face has an oily sheen, powder blushes can look like patches as they stick to the oils or the wet foundation directly and don't budge. You do not need a heavy hand over powders, opt for loose powders than pressed ones to keep the complexion looking fresh.
  • MAC makes certain blushes called as Beauty Powder blushes which have really bright colors but go one sheer and dewy on skin. I have the one from Hello Kitty Collection and the blush is fabulous.
  • If you have overtly shimmery blushes in light colors (eg. Nars Albatross which is not claimed as highlighter) then you can also use them as brow bone highlighters. 

  • To make your face more flattering, apply shimmery powder blushes in areas where light naturally hits your face. This is a crescent shape starting from the brow bone and coming down in "C" shape manner from the temples to the upper heights of the cheeks. You can skip blushes and even use highlighting foundations to mimic that editorial magazine glow.

Blush application according to face types is theoretical and sometimes it is better to find your own unique ways of applying blushes. These are ideal applications to make your face look oval but its sometimes ok not to sport an oval face.
Blushes are very flattering when used properly and when built up in layers to get the exact effect. Everyone has their style of applying blushes and if you feel yours fit your lifestyle then you have hit jackpot, and if you think you may not be perfect then this would be one of the guide lines.

Please do share your ideas on blushes.

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  1. woww- so informative- didnt know about face shapes!!

  2. "but its sometimes ok not to sport an oval face."
    so true....

    loved ur informative article a always!! *thumbs up

  3. i found this article really good :)
    can u suggest a few colors for yellow color undertones? medium to fair skin one? :))

  4. Hi Zingysavvy,

    You can opt for light plums, peaches, corals, rosy pink, dusky pink, soft cinnamon, copper etc types of colors,...........There is a vast palette. Choose a color that looks lovely on u though!



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