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I loved chocolate based looks and this is inspired from the entire Cadbury Dairy Milk Bar Chocolate including its wrapper. I was so into these chocolate based looks before and wanted to always post one.

Luckily I had taken a picture of the products I used, so it has made the job easy. But I dont promise whether I would be able to continue this trend of taking product pictures as my Canon Ixus makes my job quite difficult. I am currently eyeing on Sony's HD series and with some money in hand, I think I would be able to get one on my birthday (alternating with i-Pad2 or Blackberry Playbook).

So please enjoy the look and let me know your take on the products. I must also make another 'declaration'. I am not stopping to make these lovely eye makeup posts until I join work from 18th August onwards. Please pardon me in case I am a bit slow in posting, though I would try to do looks in advance and post one by one if possible.

Do support and keep reading.

A small word on MAC Mineralize Eyeshadows. Christine from Temptalia has done detailed reviews and swatches of these eyeshadows that are generally MAC's limited edition colors that are launched one or twice an year. Some of the collection were disastrous and some were very precious and got collected. I have over 30 of these beautiful mineralize eyeshadows in limited editions which I would be putting as a part of certain glamorous eye looks. In case you do not own some of these colors, then please feel free to find their duplicates which I would put in after I join work and do a bit of research myself.

So these are the lips, cheeks and eye products used in this chocolate inspired look!


  • Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer
  • Clinique All About Eyes concealer
  • Inglot YSM  Powder to set the concealer and on the T-zone
  • Elizabeth Arden Bronzer (4 shades from contouring to highlighting)


MAC Lipglass LE in Pinkular...Lovely chocolate-y pink and peach all in one color with copper tones. Its actually very complicated to even describe. Looks like edible glitter on lips.


  • Prime with Benefit Lemonaid for the warm colors to show really well. Since this look also has cooler tones, a balanced lid is important.
  • I haven't used any liners to keep the purity of the look (haha) but you can use one as a base, just under the lash line.
  • Starting from the outer corners, apply the dark navy blue of the Interview Trio on the outer half of the lid. Also apply on lower lid's outer half. 
  • Then with the bronzed up chocolate brown, create a high crease to get that chocolate smeared effect. Blend it in the brow bone as high as you can get without actually using it under the brow area (to reduce the impact).
  • Highlight with By Jupiter warm golden eyeshadow under the brow and also in the inner corners.
  • To create the effect of the golden foil, apply gold from Engaging duo on the lids in the inner half and blend it with the navy blue. This gold could be a lovely dupe of MAC's Amberlights. 
  • Blend the canary golden yellow (also I have done a look with it in other post) on the already gold lid to amplify the brightness. For even more impact you can apply that bronzed gold glitter from the Interview trio.
  • Apply gold eyeshadow in the inner half of lower lids also.
  • Comb the brows and apply Bourjois Volumizer mascara for dramatic lashes.
  • To glam up the navy blue, apply Bell Bottom Blue Pigment on the nave blue, blending it into the crease.

This is an amazing all race, all color, all age look and I am sure you'll love it. Please alter according to your own requirements and let me know, how it went.

Till then,


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  1. this is awesome Neeraj ... once again you have come up with amazing eye look


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