Monday, August 29, 2011

Concealer Application

My "hybrid" way of applying concealer. I have used Clinique All About Eyes Concealer which I love the most.

This method could go with any concealer formula. Its just about blending it to flawlessness.

Hope you like the video.

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  1. Great video. I never thought of using 1 brush for applying and another brush for blending. Thanks :)Great video. I never thought of using 1 brush for applying and another brush for blending. Thanks :)

  2. Awesome Video Neeraj :D am so glad you have started doing these live demos to help us out :D i have always appreciated your makeup skills as i have seen them in person and now watching it here is again a great pleasure :D ... keep them coming

  3. Thanks for sharing! This is a technique that us MUAs use on a daily basis so it's 2nd nature to us and not to the general public. Fab video, thanks for making this Neeraj! x

  4. Thanks a lot Beautydiva and Rashmi.That means a lot to me.

    Keennnnnnnneeeeeeeethhhhhhhhhhhhh Thanks for writing.......I know its second nature to all of us MUAs but I had to pass thiso n to my dear friends and readers....I am glad u liked it!

  5. very nice tips ..i have never used two brushes for concealer tips and after watching yur video i just went and tried it seriously worked..thanks for sharing with us Neeraj

    God Bless!!

  6. Thanks Anamika.......

    I know it is different...and very easy to do.

  7. very good...i love to read your posts and watching ur videos... informative

  8. Thanks a million Sahar......If i inspire u, then u inspire me too (thru ur positivity)

  9. I always made goof ups with concealer... thanks for showing me the right way Neeraj :)

  10. @Eve-o-lution

    I learnt from goof ups too and that too in a hard way as I had no one to teach me!

  11. Yayy..I know something right in makeup :D :D A YSL makeup artist told me to do this and dab dab with a sponge. I should try Clinique concealers some time - it looks so light, either that or you have applied it so well.. Don't know when I will ever finish the MAC one I have!!

    I have to confess, though, I don't bother with an undereye concealer most times - not because I don't need it, but just for running errands, picking up groceries (which is about all I do anyway) and things like that I really don't feel the need to look absolutely flawless :D :D

  12. @Rads I know we wud not concealer for errands but sometimes its better to learn some blending when required. Btw they still don't sell that Chanel curler in india....


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