Sunday, August 14, 2011

Essential Brushes for EYE MAKEUP

Eye makeup is one of the key points in doing makeup and so important are the tools required to do so. Though I believe "fingers" are the best brushes, the areas where fingers do not reach is where you want to use a real brush.  That does not mean you have to own all the possible brushes that are launched in the market. Just a few essentials and your work is done.

Here are some of the essential brushes you must own. I do have lots and lots of eye brushes, but these are the ones I commonly use for tutorials and makeup jobs. I will be putting the entire line of my brushes though but these are some of the basic ones one must have (bought over time and not at once).


  1. Concealer Brush Flat 
  2. Concealer Brush Tapered 
  3. Large Shader Brush
  4. Medium Flat Brush
  5. Small Flat Brush
  6. Large Crease Brush
  7. Medium Crease Brush
  8. Small Crease Brush
  9. Small Dome Brush
  10. Medium Dome Brush

You can also buy yourself Sigma brush set as they have all the essential brushes you would need as a starter.

Here are some more pics of my brushes. I essentially dont own many MAC brushes as I do have other options and I always go by the quality and not the brand name. Have a look!!

Hope you like my brushes.Do let me know........

Till then,



  1. Thanks Sahar......its indeed a treasure full of brushes for me!

  2. You have a lot of brushes. I already did a similar post. In all honesty, I only think for everyday you only need 3 or 4 max. But of course, you are a pro. What would you say are your top 5?

  3. Shivani you are so right......only 3 eye brushes are enough......but I include concealer and liner brushes also in eye makeup.........

    My top 5 are: -

    1. MAC 217
    2. Clinique Contour brush
    3. Estee Lauder Concealer brush
    4. Ben Nye Eye liner brush
    5. Estee Lauder angled brush for liner and brows....

  4. thats a lot Neeraj .... I will def. see clinique's brush in store ....
    hey i checked precious posy yest in SS and like it very much :D

  5. Precious Posy is such a beautiful color no! Its my favorite and amazing to brighten up any complexion.......Very day wear blush!

  6. You have a great collection of brushes. I love MAC 239, 217, 209. I think I can't live without them.

  7. Arent they amazing brushes.........Really MAC sells them so much!

  8. u saved my i know the essential ones i always end up buying xtra brushes to realise they r not needed most of the times...btw love ur collection again ...u have best of the things with u :D

  9. OMG.....I collection of yours is freakingly awsome !! I came across this blog yesterday and since then crazily reading your blogs !! This blog is really educating me a lot !! Thank a lot :)


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