Thursday, August 4, 2011

Love N Life Look

I thought of this title "Love and Life" is because this look actually presents the colors of life. Red represents love while blues and purples represent sky and life. ( I feel blue represents life because its the color of the sea from where life originated). Its a bold fun look but easy to try and wonderful if you succeed. The brown is the earth and white could be clouds or "peace".

Love this look and hope you like it too. Lets see how to do it;


  • Use an oil free moisturizer and/or sunscreen to prepare the skin for makeup. Always exfoliate your skin before doing such bold looks, as you don't want your foundation to go caked and crazy.
  • I love primers and right now Smashbox Photofinish Light primer is my absolute favorite right now. 
  • Dont load the foundation just because its a must. Apply very thin layer all over the face to create translucent flawless skin. Any area of the skin that needs major correction, should be spot concealed. For the foundation of this sort, I love Estee Lauder Double Wear Light and for concealing flaws Inglot cream concealers, which are some of the newest products I will be trying.
  • Set everything with transparent loose powder like MUFE HD finishing powder.
  • For the blush, I liked the MAC Limited Edition blush in Bite of an apple. Its a fantastic red-coral and looks really amazing. If you have missed this blush, then pair Frankly Scarlet (wee bit) with something like Peaches or Melba. Try not using a highlighter if you can miss it!


  • Since its a turquoise look with dashes of red and bursts of lilac, I suggest keeping the blush and the lips in the same color. Dab on Clinique Long last lipstick in Beach Coral for that tangy touch.


(Note: - I saw it now that the eye liner is a bit uneven a bit. Sorry for that.)

  • Prep the lids with Benefit Lemonaid Lid correcting eye primer. I suggest to do this as the red applied on the lid would not develop purplish tones when applied on bare lids (if you have broken capillaries). Dab a concealer brush in the primer pan and apply from the load blending it toward the temples and adding traces on the brow bone. The primer must fade into the brown hair from its concentration on the lid.
  • Begin with a lustrous pure white in the inner corners and also at the lower lash line to open up small eyes especially. If you huge eyes then please feel free to skip this step or else use silvery charcoal eyeshadow like MAC Knight Divine. I would skip the pencil to create untoward lines and boundaries.
  • Use a couple of small flat brushes to load the brighter colors. I used the Stila short handle crease brushes I bought from as they are perfect to load the products and colors I need in bits and pieces and then I used fluffy 217 MAC to blend and then highlight.
  • For the bright turquoise I got my staple MAC Blue Sorcery out and then used it on the entire inner third of the eye blending it into the white and then added a bit of the silver shimmer side in the inner corners to enhance it.
  • On the outer corner of the eyes I applied bit of MAC brown down to create a bit of definition before the party goes wild. 
  • I have a lovely duo from an ancient mineralize collection from MAC called Mi-Lady which has a bright primary red with silver veinings paired with truly flattering vibrant lilac with another silver veining. Its bright enough not to be worn for years but can sport the look someday. I have use the red in the outer third taking it into the crease. And in the middle third, the red eyeshadow just exchanges pleasantries with the turquoise eyeshadow. I have used the virbant lilac on the outer half of the brow bone. In the inner half I have used a burnished blackened as if weathered away turquoise teal color like MAC Birds & Berries for added drama.
  • The lower lid is the reflection of the upper lid with same placement of colors but all are under with the white eyeshadow peeping through for the wide eyed effect.
  • I paired up all with a brown liquid liner (gone a bit wibbly wobbly) drawing a flick and then applying lengthening coats of Clinique Lash Power Mascara. The brows have a bit of red brown eyeshadow combed through them and brushed with brow comb.

Hope you find the look interesting............Lemme know.

Till then,



  1. really amazing look. love it! and thanks for the breakdown!

  2. GOD ..... Neeraj .... pls publish a book of yours :) i sware .... this is so amazinggggg

  3. Neeraj you always inspire me to play with these beautiful colors

  4. Thanks all for liking this look.......I will be doing some more of such looks and their wearable versions.

    Hope u like it and support!!

  5. Gorgeous use of colours Neeraj! Like a lot! Thanks for sharing.


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