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My Favorite Mascaras

I have done a similar post before with the topmost mascaras of 2010 but I not only wanted to update the list but also highlight my favorite mascaras from various brands that I really love, adore and recommend.


I believe mascara was an utmost beauty innovation that not only highlights or dramatizes the eyes but also makes you look awake and well-rested. Its an instant modifier and mascara has the capacity to take a makeup look to a newer level. Recently mascaras were omitted from certain fashion shows marking the absence of mascara as a trend for the season but when you are an Indian with beautiful eyes (not biased with others) you'd prefer using mascara as an ornament or as famously said "Lash Furniture."

Black mascaras have the highest impact and add depth to makeup where as colored mascaras are for a playful effect as well as they are used for certain color corrections and enhancements. I have not much liked the concept of colored mascaras though I would suggest trying if you have a penchant for them and if that glams up your evening.

How did I rate the mascaras?

  • On the effects that they promise
  • On the ingredients of course and how lash-friendly they are
  • On how the lashes look in one coat and then in several coats
  • On long does it stay throughout the day
  • On how easy is it to clean the mascara while makeup removal

THE MASCARAS I LOVE (only 10, if its a small number as I can remember at least 100)

The mascaras I love are essentially black mascaras unless specified and I love them for the finish they give me. I hope you have seen my videos and this is the secret behind my lashes.

So let the count down begin..........Btw just because I gave it no.10 doesn't mean it is bad. These are top 10 of my favorite mascaras so do judge them fairly.

10. MAC Opulash Mascara

Big fatty wand mascara creates perfectly groomed lashes in form of tubes. I find it more of lengthening and curling than volumizing which is what it is supposed to do as well. I would recommend this mascara to any one who has good lashes and wants them bolder.

9. Christian Dior Extase Mascara

This is mascara made for the ultra-rich sector of the society. The formula and brush is true to its price and this mascara has never failed me. Uber voluminous lashes and ultra sophisticated results is its USP. I gave it lesser ranking only because of the price factor which is whopping Rs.1950

8. Bourjois Volumizer Mascara

What a mascara though inspired from MAC Haute and Naughty lashes and sporting 2 in 1 brush. This mascara is a boon for ladies with long thin lashes. The wet formula coats each and every lash and amplifies to the fullest with their 2 step approach. Its not for smaller lashes as the formula can make them too droopy and downward turned.

7. Max Factor Xperience Mascara

With beewax put in it, expect weightlessness of wings for ready to fly away effect. The lashes are batty and feathery but absolutely no trace of feeling of weighed down by the mascara.

6. L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara

A choice of novices and pros alike, this mascara creates voluminous lashes effortlessly. The lashes are shiny, glossy and darkest of the blacks. The mascara wand can be a bit tricky to use as it is a bit big and the mascara tends to get all over the eye lids in first couple of uses.

5. Clinique Lash Power Mascara 

Adding length to lashes especially when they are short and pokey straight can be painless, with this mascara. Lashes are so black and curled, that it completely justifies its name.

4. Bourjois Volume Glamour MAXX mascara

Big bold lashes is what I get with this brush. It adds just enough oomph in one coat and the next coats are just couture-like lashes. What I love is how dramatic your lashes look in just few coats.

3. Estee Lauder Double Wear Mascara

Long luscious lashes that stay longer and look beautiful for the whole day is this mascara's USP. It looks fresh all day long and there is hardly any fall outs (at least for first 10 hrs approx.)

2. Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara

Its best for volume, curl and length and you have seen it many a times in my tutorials for how dramatic it looks. What more to say?

1. Clinique High Impact Mascara

The predecessor of the curling mascara, this mascara gives all what I said above in just one flick of brush. Really it makes mascara application so easy with no oddly designed brush, no out-of-the-world promises and a great mascara for starters who find mascara as a weapon of mass destruction.

These are my all time favorite mascaras and I tend to re-purchase them again and again.

Do share your favorite mascaras too....

Till then,



  1. nice post...please do a post where u show all the mascaras u have on ur lashes as a comparitive study ..please???

  2. That's quite a list..I haven't tried any of them - will definitely keep in mind for the next shopping trip :) My favorite so far is the YSL Faux Cils.

  3. @ Shivani.I would be doing it actually. Great Idea...

    @ Tanveer...Isnt MF amazing? I simply love them.

    @ Rads..Me too a great fan of YSL Faux Cils but unfortunately its so difficult to remove. Thats why not on the list. Surely will write a review though.

  4. Do you have the waterproof version? I have the regular version which comes off easily enough with makeup removers and/or water-soap - and I don't apply more than one coat so that could be another reason :D Looking forward to your review :)

  5. Hi Rads,

    I had bought the old version years back.Dont know whether they have changed the formula but I will surely give u my inputs on it when I lay my hands.Right now I am laden with mascaras so may be in the next 6 months I will prioritize my purchase.

    You have a lovely blog and I thoroughly enjoy reading ur posts

    Ciao n TC

  6. Aww..that's so sweet of you to say that :D :D am going to be grinning for some time now :D And ya..I got a newer version - Noir Radical - I don't know what's the difference, but the SA said it's newer something..

  7. Err..I meant "Thank you" but I forgot to write that in all the grinning!!

  8. nice list.. i love estee lauder mascaras... my absolute favourite is lash prjectionist.. amazingly opens up the eyes... my eyes literally look way bigger.. and adds a lot of dramatic length... :)


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