Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Mineralize Makeup Magic!!

Since some years I have been smitten and fortunate enough to collect MAC Mineralize Eyeshadows. Of course this was done after a lot of internet research and not impulse purchase so I dont own each and every one. But these are some of the eyeshadows I like for pigmentation and glitter and often use it in my tutorials.
Just sharing some pictures of my rare mineral(ize) treasure....Its a bit heavy on downloading.!!

PS:  Please click on each picture to see the colors. I put them through Windows Live Writer and they look pathetic here.

mineralize eyeshadow copy

Picture 039

mineralize eyeshadow123

mineralize eyeshadow12321mineralize eyeshadow111

mineralize eyeshadow1232112

Till then,



  1. Soooooooooooo many!! I love the scattered arrangement in the first pic :D

  2. I love those eyeshadows so much!
    They are real fun to use both wet and dry...not tried the wet ones though!!

    Thanks for dropping in!

  3. OHH MY GOD....huge collection of mineral shades you have...fun using these

  4. Thanks Sahar,

    I have collected them over some years and then MAC started making the same colors so I stopped buying them from sometime.......

    Thanks that u liked it!

  5. Is it just me or something with your blog layout, I can never click on any of the tabs on top - brands, mac, clinique, etc. Are other people able to use that tab?

  6. No Rads, shouldn't be a problem as it is working. I suggest try it on IExplorer 9 or Google Chrome!


  7. Neeraj sooooo many ... and somebody makes fun of my purchases ??
    wait let me come there and grab few ....

    yest only you told me something right ?? :D :D
    but must tell you one thing
    i couldnt find a single color which i disliked .... so awesome they are ..
    which color you are sending me ??

  8. Hi Rashmi,

    I know all colors are beautiful.Maybe I should do a "giveaway" of one of my favorite mineralize eyeshadows.......wat say? Maybe some one lucky would win?

  9. wowwwww Im smitten! what a collection...

  10. Gee Thanks that u liked it! I wish i had more but I have restrained myself a lot ......

  11. they look soo gorgeous..like lil celestial bodies


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