Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Notifications!! Again!!


I must thank all from the bottom of my heart, to appreciate the eye look I sport and have started putting my practice creations on my blog (of course, with a watermark!!). I know some looks are a bit avante garde, though I have really not put other ones which are not easy to do, I always prefer to keep makeup chic and go beyoind boundaries.

Its does give a lot of food for thought as to how to sport the look that is shown in the post. To make things a bit easy, when and if I do dramatic looks with lots of colors and blending, soon will follow the next post to give you hints and ideas and of course pictures of what look can you sport getting inspired from the avante garde look in the previous post.

Please let me know your views on whether I should incorporate these looks or not??

And a small announcement too, once decided on what stuff to give away and bought with some money, I would have an event "Putting your best FACE in 10 mins" where winners will be getting gifts (loads of mish mash between drug store, high end brands and brushes). So keep waiting and do pass the word to your friends.


  1. I think it's a fab idea to share your tips. I would be interested in reading about them. Thanks for taking the time.

  2. @Kenneth.hey thanks a million for dropping by...Hope u liked my makeup (on myself)...yet to open up though!!

    Keep watching..wud love ur insights on all..

  3. This is a great idea- The looks Ive seen on you so far are great and I love the way ur work is soo clean- and no intermediate fall-outs (like me :()
    do keep them coming :)

  4. thanks a lot! do keep the appreciation and motivation coming!!


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